Sweet & Bitter

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Business/Location: Bittersweet
Address: 180 Dekalb Ave
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Zip Code: 11205
Phone: 718-852-2556
Website: www.bittersweetbk.com

Posted by:  Molly Riordan
Photo:  Molly Riordan
Bittersweet is a purveyor of things that will make you (or at least me) briefly, blissfully happy: coffee, ice cream, baked goods, and the color yellow. The tiny coffeeshop kitty-corner from Fort Greene Park has been pulling shots and churning frozen deliciousness for a couple years to the delight of park-goers and Pratt students alike. The shop is packed on Saturdays when the Farmer's Market is underway across the street, and generally humming as people linger at the handful of tables nibbling Balthazar scones and sipping well-frothed espresso drinks. The "sweet" part can be specifically attributed to its homemade ice cream--even the Times deemed the reappearance of its famed Jamaican Grapenut flavor a newsworthy event. In the less ice cream-friendly autumn, Bittersweet's unflappable baristas steam up hot apple ciders and take orders for holiday baked goods. Visible by the dogs tied up outside and the aforementioned happy-hue within, not even yours truly can be bitter about Bittersweet.

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