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San Francisco's Nopa

Nopa's Custard French Toast is so spectacular you'll want to skip the main course and go straight for that. A full order is plenty for two people, or just you if you don't want to share. Believe me you won't. It comes bathed in warm butter, grilled kumquat slices and drizzled with warm syrup with a hint of orange. Other items on the brunch menu include the wood grilled garlic sausage, slow cooked pork, and the grass fed burger. The cocktails are gems. And they serve Blue Bottle Coffee. Nopa is a ... Continue

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Radar Image Radar Image Absinthe

San Francisco's Absinthe

Before you go to the opera and the ballet have a bite at Absinthe. The Croque Monsieur is a toasty delight filled with Black Forest ham, Gruyere, Dijon mustard, and bechamel. The Cheddar grilled cheese is not your mother's recipe, but is filled with pickled red onion, jalapeno-sun-dried tomato jam, and go ahead, add bacon for that extra zing. The cocktails are delicious. The decor is tres French. And you'll be off to an amazing start before the show. Continue

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Radar Image Tout Sweet

San Francisco's Tout Sweet

Tout Sweet San Francisco is a feast for the eyes as well as your palate. As soon as you come into the store you feel like you're in France. The clean, colorful, modern California design of the store showcases the many mouth-watering delights. French macarons, petit gateaux (small cakes), verrines (layered parfaits), tarts, cookies, and other stunning desserts beckon you from the display case. Made with the freshest ingredients from the farmer's market, Yigit Pura, the designer-chef, finds his jo ... Continue

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Radar Image GLBT History Museum

San Francisco's GLBT History Museum

At 1,600 square feet (150 square meters), The GLBT History Museum is fairly small, but it packs a punch, celebrating 100 years of the San Francisco's vast queer past through dynamic exhibitions and programming. Among the objects on display are personal belongings of Harvey Milk; the pantsuits worn by pioneering lesbian activists Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon to their 2008 wedding; a Laura Linney costume from the 1993 "Tales of the City" PBS miniseries; and photos, documents and artifacts telli ... Continue

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Radar Image People's Cafe

Coffee To The People

This comforting cafe perfectly exemplifies the warmth of the San Francisco people. The space is perfect for a meet up or for just spending an afternoon alone in your thoughts. You'll find locals congregating with friends, skaters stopping in for a quick bite, and literary folks enjoying a salad and writing notes in their Moleskins. This place serves up big plates of comfort Cali food, so be sure to grab a table and get some people watching down--you're in The Haight afterall. Continue

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Radar Image Taqueria Cancun

Bustin' Burritos

The burrito which all burritos aspire to be. The wee-hours are usually the busiest time for this Mission staple, so be prepared to share lines with the late night set. You know the drill, gargantuan burritos wrapped in foil. They take two hands to eat. Comes with complimentary chips and salsa. All ingredients are fresh and used in accordance with one another. In other words, nothing clashes; nothing is superfluous. Fillings include an array of meats (carne asada, lengua, sesos, chorizo) ... Continue

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Radar Image Zazie

All Day Eating Pleasures

Zazie's may be my new favorite restaurant. It takes a bit for my lazy bum to leave the ever bountiful Mission dining hub, but this is one of the places that's well worth exploration. Cole Valley is the home of this tasty French bistro with an impossibly small kitchen. How they bust out such delicious dishes and at such timely manner is beyond me! First, for the brunch, fluffy ... Continue

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Radar Image Pho Clement

Bowling You Over

Don't feel like cooking? Not a problem. Got 5 bucks? Then head to Pho Clement and within minutes you'll be served up a huge hot bowl of goodness. Clean but far from cute, this is the go-to spot for lazy locals looking to enjoy a quick and cheap meal. Come in your sweatpants, wear your slippers, come straight from kickball in your uniform. There's no pretense here. Just a group of old timers looking to serve you a satisfying meal. Continue

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No Collared Shirt Required

No one puts Dan Bollwinkel's golf game in a corner. A self-described anti-golfer, Dan has come to show you that golfing doesn't have to be high-class, tidy or bereft of beer swilling. So, come! Golf with the workingmen, swing with the athletically eccentric. Golf by the projects, downhill, with festive company and a liquor license. Here, you ain't nobody's caddy.

People Soup: Tourist Tourism

Tourists: Graceless, smelly, and reminiscent of an M.C. Escher lithograph. Or so Dan Bollwinkel would have us believe. But that doesn't mean the fools are all bad. After all, they sure know how to pick a pretty bridge to photograph, and they do serve as visual examples of how the other 49 states live. So swallow your pride, and flagrantly violate the eponymous creed of our books and website. Follow the tourists!

SF’s Indie Flick Havens

San Francisco boasts not one, but three—count ‘em—three amazing independent movie houses that keep it real, totally devoid of commercial blockbusters and overexposed A-Listers. Cythina Popper makes the rounds to give you the details.

NFT Video

Kings of Jerky

NFT makes a visit to New Beef King in Chinatown NYC to pick up the ultimate afternoon snack—beef and pork jerky.

RIP 4/24/2016

Jimmy Bean's

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Caffé Trieste

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Pyramid Alehouse

RIP 4/24/2016

Monte Carlo


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