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Address: 40 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA 02139 (Cross street: Prospect St)
Neighborhood: Central Square / Cambridgeport
Specifics: NFT Pick
Phone: 617-576-1253

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As You Like It
Posted by:  Andrew Palmacci

Enjoy high-brow entertainment, but love your art in approximately one-hour, T.V.-drama-like doses? Then look no further than ImprovBoston, where Discount Shakespeare's production of As You Like It is finishing its run with a show this Wednesday the 28th. The subtitle of the event promises the play will be performed in 45 minutes (and they make good on that pledge). One of Shakespeare's most satisfying comedies, there is a lot to like about this version: an arm-wrestling match, a brief vaudevillian dance number, plenty of physical comedy mostly contained in chase scenes around the small stage, and that Shakespearean staple, mistaken identity. What's more, the actors are deft, comedically spot-on (par for the ImprovBoston course), and carry off the text very well--while making it highly accessible. With this show at about 9 pm, you're $10 ($7 students and seniors) ticket also gets you into, at 8pm, "Magic and Misdemeanors," a comedic magic act by Andrew Yakoobian--who's a bit like GOB from "Arrested Development," but with talent. Yaks performance features a trick done without speaking and a hilarious SNL-style video. So, get down to Central Square (the theatre is steps away, on Prospect Street) on Wednesday, and take in a modern and a modern-take-on-classical comedic showcase. Always a place for fun and games, ImprovBoston scores again!

Photo:  Andrew Palmacci
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Dirty Water
Posted by:  Patrick Hellen

Take four Bostonians and one Cajun, fill them with cheap beer, give them a topic to what to argue about, and sit back and enjoy. That's Dirty Water, and on Friday, April 3rd at 10 pm you can find me at Improv Boston chugging beers with them and chuckling along at their accents. Set in a South Boston dive bar--these five athletes of boozing will debate the finer points of cartoons, how Johnny Pesky is the finest Red Sox alive, and whether or not Cobra Kai got a bad rap in Karate Kid. You'll be a fly on the wall for their ongoing improvised insanity. I will warn you, I'm a damn good suggester. My first Dirty Water show involved a long discussion about the merits of the Lion Voltron vs. Vehicle Voltron--so I'd advise you to bone up on your esoteric pop culture trivia, so when these five drunken jesters ask for something to talk about, you'll have some topics ready like  "Was Jem truly truly truly that outrageous?" Come on out and support the hometown boys at Improv Boston, and for the record, Lion Voltron would destroy Vehicle Voltron with one lion tied behind his back.

Photo:  Patrick Hellen
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Naked Stand Up Comedy
Posted by:  Sam Baltrusis

Naked stand-up comedy? Yep, it’s as cringeworthy and awkward as it sounds. At ImprovBoston’s The Naked Comedy Showcase held the first Wednesday of every month, Boston’s up-and-coming comics are literally, um, the butt of the jokes. For the past two years, Andy Ohfiesh and his troupe of fearless comedians tackle everyone’s worst fear: standing in front of a packed house in the buff. That’s right—completely naked. And if you’re turned on by the idea, think again. There are strict rules the performers must adhere to—no sexual acts, no touching the audience and no tips. If it kind of sounds like a gimmick, well, it is. At $10 a pop, Improv Boston consistently fills all of its 75 seats on word-of-mouth marketing alone. Once patrons make it past the initial shock, it’s oddly refreshing to see acts like Myq Kaplan, The Walsh Brothers, and Rev. Tim McIntire let it all hang out. Check out The Naked Comedy Showcase at 10 pm August 1 before the troupe heads out to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Photo:  Mindy Tucker
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