Buffalo Exchange
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Address: 238 Elm St, Somerville, MA 02144 (Cross street: Grove St)
Neighborhood: North Cambridge / West Somerville
Specifics: Clothing-Accessories, Clothing-Men's, Clothing-Shoes, Clothing-Specialty, Clothing-Women's, Resale, Vintage
Phone: 617-629-5383
Website: www.buffaloexchange.com
Shopping Trendy recycled duds.

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They Always Win
Posted by:  Sonia Weiser

Two years later, Buffalo Exchange has outlasted Poor Little Rich Girl in the race to fill Davis Square with student budget-friendly shops. There is something extremely unique about BE (that's what the cool kids call it). While going through your clothing, they can either make you feel a.) like an idiot for ever buying something or b.) proud to have had something in your wardrobe worthy of Ms. Hipster buyer's approval. They don't buy back a lot (or maybe they just don't like my clothes), but when they put a little price sticker on something you brought, you feel just as good as when a fitting room lady tells you, "that dress looks great." It doesn't really matter if this one person thinks you look good or likes the clothing you brought in, but by god, it's nice to be validated. And if they don't take anything, you feel like a fashion disaster...And then you buy "better" clothing from the store to fix the situation. So both ways work in their favor.

Photo:  Emily Doutre
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Hello Sweater. Goodbye Cash.
Posted by:  Emily Doutre

Purchasing "pre-worn" clothing has mainly been the province of vintage lovers and unpretentious bargain hunters. But Buffalo Exchange, new to Davis Square (the burgeoning consignment store capital of Boston), is attempting to rope in a new generation, with trendy name brands (Gap, DC, Aldo, Marc Jacobs), low prices (but not so low that the kids will be suspicious), and a green ethic: reduce, reuse, recycle your clothes, too. On the one hand, I agree with this business ethic and I support it. On the other hand, it's becoming impossible for me to leave my apartment in Davis anymore without returning in deeper debt than when I left. Between Poor Little Rich Girl, Goodwill, and the brand new, fully stocked 2 floors of Buffalo Exchange, I'm going to have to sublet a second closet. Why don't they just get it over with and open a store called House of Emily's Cash Suckage?

Photo:  Emily Doutre
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