NFT San Francisco Outer Richmond (West) / Ocean Beach

Outer Richmond (West) / Ocean Beach

Residential and mellow, the periphery of this area is home to some of the city's most regal spots. The Sutro Baths ruins echo a bygone time. Stately in form and locale, the Palace of the Legion of Honor brims with art from a bygone time. Just north of Ocean Beach is Cliff House, a perfect-view brunch spot.

Not much in the way of commercial activity here at the ocean's edge, but you can visit the Beach Chalet for a beer and some tasty food. Check out Balboa Street for cool shops and good Chinese food, such as the authentic KL RestaurantSee more.

>. All in all, it's a quiet corner of the city.


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Posted By:  David MacFadden
Photo:  David MacFadden

A block away from the Ocean Beach fire pits and the Great Highway is a valuable resource. While not particularly exciting, it’s a good thing to know where to get beachside snacks and firewood during sandy excursions. With no need to wax poetic about the décor (fluorescence illuminates gossamer sheathes of soda, etc.) let’s get down to it: Duraflame logs run $3.79, while bundles of real Cal wood run $6.99 (all prices reflect Safeway Club Card savings). Graham crackers are sold on a buy-one-get-one-free basis, and jet-puffed marshmallows are two-for-four dollars. While there are wood and metal skewers, there are none suitable for roasting marshmallows, so just substitute a stick. While the official line at Ocean Beach is, “no glass or alcohol allowed,” it would somehow seem imprudent not to take a peek in the beer aisle (aisle eight, which doubles as the “snack time” aisle). The large assortment of chilled beer runs from twelve-packs of PBR (5.99) to six-packs of microbrews like Deschutes and Gordon Biersch ($5.99 to 8.50). Unfortunately there are no coolers available. As for suntan lotion: Who cares? Enjoy the fog.

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