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The MUNI 3rd Street Rail Line has made this area more accessible, but it is still not a great lure for out of towners. Artists thrive here and the windsurfers congregate off Candlestick Point. "Croix de Candlestick" buttons are a thing of the distant past, the Giants having long since left Candlestick Park, and now that the 49ers have decamped to Santa Clara, there's little left to capture your imagination save for a remarkable YouTube clip of Dwight Clark's "The Catch."

Pretend you're a local by sitting at the counter at B & J 1/4 lb Burgers. El Azteca features huge burritos and wall-to-wall murals. If you want a workout, See more.

>Candlestick Point State Recreation Area is popular with windsurfers.


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Posted By:  Andrew Vennari
Photo:  Andrew Vennari

Candlestick Park
With the economy in turmoil it's always good to know that at least one part of America's infrastructure remains intact: football. The NFL seems to be profiting as much as ever these days and enjoying a cigar smoking, bubbly drinking good time. We in the Bay, however, are not. While the Raider nation faces its own depression, the Niner faithful weep in their empty overpriced draft beers and ask: Why? Well, why not? Sure, the smart money is probably going to be on the other team but what other reason do you have to go out to Candlestick? The rebuilding phase looks like the Winchester Mystery House; a construction project with stairways to nowhere. Yes, the days of DeBartolo are long gone, sunken like a riverboat gambling scheme gone Titanic. Let's face it. Bill Walsh has passed. It's been almost ten years since we made the playoffs and even Sourdough Sam is hard up to mention the five rings in arguments with visiting mascots. Whatever happens, citizens, remain steadfast. We built this city on gold. And I got a message for Newsom: don't you let our 49ers move to Santa Clara.

Posted By:  Jennifer Anthony
Photo:  Jennifer Anthony

Candlestick Point State Recreation Area
Candlestick’s name came from nineteenth century locals who thought that the abandoned, burning sailing ships offshore looked like lighted candlesticks. Who knew? And who knew that the urban district of Bayview is home to yet another one of San Francisco’s hidden treasures—the Candlestick Point Recreation Area. The area has had as many transformations as the nearby ballpark has changed its name—from wetlands to landfill to landscaped park. Visitors can walk trails, bird-watch, fish, picnic and hang on the fitness course. And did I mention windsurf? But one of the most fascinating things about this spot is that it’s the only state park to host a Community Garden. Here, city folk can rent individual garden plots to grow their own vegetables. I recently volunteered at the garden with Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ), a youth empowerment and environmental health and justice non-profit organization located in Bayview/Hunters Point. LEJ provides free, hands-on educational programs to public schools and paid youth internships in the areas of environmental health, urban restoration, and food access. Its mission is to foster an understanding of the principles of environmental justice and urban sustainability in young people in order to promote the long-term health of their communities. This park is an oasis in every sense of the word.

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