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Recently, Mt. Washington has become an asylum for artists, aspiring scene-jockeys, and other fashionable folk content hovering near the bottom of the economic totem pole. It's still got plenty of gangs, graffiti, and property crime, but the rents are manageable and aren't likely to shoot up anytime soon. The hilly areas have better views and a more low-key lifestyle than downtown and the surrounding areas.

Local businesses still rule Mt. Washington, and that works out for everyone -- it's got some of the best, cheapest Mexican food outside Mexico, particularly La Abeja's generous brunch portions. Drinking options aren't infinite, but Footsie's is a top-ten local bar by any meaningful standard. If all else fails, it's a quick drive or bike ride to more happening neighborhoods like Highland Park and Atwater Village.


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Posted By:  Emerson Dameron
Photo:  Emerson Dameron

In a dicey neighborhood, with an inconspicuous entrance, Verdugo Bar is easy to overlook. But that's okay. Somewhere between a corner bar and a secret party spot, it's hit an equilibrium that makes it one of my favorite bars in the city, and I like getting a table on weekends. Inside, it's anything but a dive, with thought-out decor, lots of room, and big couches in the back. It seems to have DJs most nights, and in terms of musical depth and variety, only our beloved Footsie's comes anywhere close. It could be roots punk night. It could be hip-hop and soul from a KCRW DJ. One night, the hosts scattered white record sleeves and Magic Markers and had an impromptu design contest. Any night, the beer selection is shockingly strong, ranging from heavy "coffee beers" to IPAs to rare West Coast microbrews to some of the most potent cider I've ever tasted. Come on a full stomach. If you pour a few goblets of Delerium Tremens into an empty one, you may find yourself in a rap battle that you're guaranteed to lose. Trust.

Posted By:  Bon Vivant
Photo:  Bon Vivant

El Atacor
Diet trends come and go. For the past ten years or so the low-carb people have ruled. The carbo-phobes may be skinny but are they really happy? I run into a lot of grouchy svelte people in this city. It's been proven that carbs produce an increase of serotonin, and I can't think of anything that would make the lissom and lanky happier than a fried potato taco from El Atacor #11 (yeah, baby, they'll get the additional benefit from it being fried.) This particular potato taco is the perfect study of a contrast of tastes and textures: the crisp taco shell stuffed with a creamy potato filling and the just fried heat tempered with the cooling avocado sauce, shredded ice cold lettuce, and cheese. Another thing that will make the uber-slender happy is that these tacos are cheap; twenty tacos cost about eighteen bucks. Have you ever wondered why chubby bunnies are so happy? They don't feel guilty about eating all twenty tacos.

Posted By:  Rebecca Katherine Hirsch
Photo:  Yumi Endo

Angelenos, the time of your life has arrived at last, in the form of this Friday, April 24th. No, really, we have leverage you wouldn't believe. Come o'er to Footsie's for a night you'll always remember and friends you'll never forget. In honor of the 2009 edition of Los Angeles NFT, books and beverages will be yours FREE for the reading and quaffing, respectively or inversely, depending on how much enthusiasm you have for our beloved brand. So come now, or pay later (at your local bookstore/bar) and bring the enclosed invite to partake in the revelry. It's all f-r-e-e (while supplies l-a-s-t). In this day and age, such a thing is unthinkable. Even we're concerned about the consequences.

Posted By:  Noah Albert
Photo:  Noah Albert

Super King Market
Super King pretty much changed everything. My life has been split in two: Pre-Super King part and post. How can there be a grocery store with so much good produce for so little money? Where else can you buy persimmons for 50 cents a pound and 10 bunches of green onions for a dollar? Olive oil in gallon containers for $10 bucks a shot? And pistachios for $3 a pound? Super King is an Armenian grocery to rule them all. I admit I have started to have nightmares about being run over by the over-large shopping carts - this place gets crazy busy! (And I did freak out a little in the parking lot the other day, but everything ended OK.) It’s worth it. Soon I will fight my way over to the divine-looking deli. I’ll go early in the morning when it’s not so busy. Just go to this place for the produce and you won't look back.

Posted By:  Craig Nelson
Photo:  Aaron Schielke

Everybody’s working for the weekend. Especially in LA. And there’s no better way to kick off your Friday night then to head out to Footsie’s (2640 N Figueroa St) for some free books and beer. In honor of our new and updated 2007 NFT Guide to LA, Not For Tourists is throwing a rockin' party this Friday. We'll be giving out tons of new NFT LA 2007s (B & N will charge you $21.95 in case you’re wondering). Plus the fine folks at Footsie’s will be providing complimentary beer just for you (and us). That's right; it’s all absolutely free and open to anyone. Bring an invite and we’ll see you there!

Posted By:  Noah Albert
Photo:  Noah Albert

Highland Park, a low-key neighborhood in East LA, has in recent years gained a significant population of hipsters and artists. And if you want to hang with these folks, a great place to start is Footsies. When I entered, the Stones were on the jukebox (the bartender was kind enough to keep the tunes flowing my entire visit!) and once my eyes adjust to the dim light, '70s paintings of naked babes were visible hanging above the over-stuffed booths. The pool table is in the back half of the joint, and yes, there are two jackalopes behind the bar! This is a great place to relax in one of the booths and watch all the beautiful (and often drunk) young people. Remember to check the chalkboard for the drink specials.

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