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Hermosa Beach / Redondo Beach North

Part quaint beach town, part post-college town, Hermosa Beach incubated Black Flag, the Descendents, and The Beach Boys. An unusual combination of homey and hoppin', you'll know you're there when you begin to notice the street signs, which are brown with an almost antique typeface. Hermosa is anything but outdated, however. Whether you want to stroll through an art gallery with a latte, blade on the Strand, or catch the sunset with a margarita during happy hour, you'll find somewhere to do it near the cross streets of Pier and Hermosa Avenues. Make sure to stop by the statue of Tim Kelly surfing that's right on the pier.

If you're under 25 or over 30 and experiencing a midlife crisis, Pier Avenue is the place to go for a night out. Go early or spend the evening standing in queue on the pier. The dress code includes bleached hair, flip-flops, and cheap shades. See more.

>Patrick Molloy's represents all that's typical of the Hermosa scene (practice saying "dude," "like," and "that's so random" like you mean it).


On Our Radar:

Posted By:  Stacy Lane
Photo:  Stacy Lane

Union Cattle
Sometimes you just want good meat and a martini. Union Cattle can satisfy all that and more! Yeah, I know. They have a mechanical bull. The finest restaurants do. And they have s’mores. So juvenile. But they also have an excellent selection of fine cuts for hardcore carnivores and a decent choice of vegetarian options for those who are not. And unlike some steakhouses with a penchant for kitsch and drunk sorority girls (Saddle Ranch, going once, going twice), the décor is low key, the clientele mellow and only on its second drink. So, come! Enjoy a lovely, boozy meal with friends. Private room available behind the mechanical bull has a two way mirror. Could make for an interesting birthday party.

Posted By:  David Horvitz

Hermosa Beach Fishing Pier
Beach Bros galore, yuppies everywhere and some Vietnamese fisherman. This is what you will find on the Hermosa Beach Pier. As you walk down the promenade you’ll notice tons of yuppie bars, sushi restaurants, and ice cream shops. It all disgusts me here, but maybe you can find something worth checking out. Actually, there is still one hidden gem of a bar, the Mermaid, which reminds me of what the Pier used to be like 30 years ago. The last vestige of some real culture. You can however still go out on the pier and enjoy a nice view of the South Bay. You'll find fisherman and a small cafe at the end. If you really want an experience you've never had, come here on a Friday or Saturday night. You will suddenly understand what yuppie-bro-beach-culture is all about. Hey, maybe you will like it! But don't be discouraged, there are still little mom and pop shops speckled around this area. Get a bowl of Pho, or a nice teriyaki burger.

Posted By:  David Horvitz

Everyone knows where their favorite local sandwich shop is, and I’m not talking about Subway, or even Quiznos for that matter (BARF!), I'm talking about the hidden one around the corner. While you may have your favorite local spot, millions of other people have their very own hidden gem of a sub shop that you don’t even know about. Millions of local favorite sandwich shops must now be discovered. First on the list: Redondo Beach. You feel the breeze coming from the Pacific so you stroll down to North Beach Deli, which is literally hidden in a residential neighborhood. You get your Italian sub and take it to some park somewhere and suck it down like gold. I recommend the sausage, or any of the other Italian meats. My friend got the tuna salad, which was good, but come on, if you go to an Italian deli you need to get some kind of Italian sub, not a tuna salad sandwich. Go on a nice, wonderful, sunny afternoon and head to the Redondo Beach pier after lunch. Oh, and bring your expired student ID and get 10% off!

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