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Granada Hills / Northridge

Once, Granada Hills spelled wide-open spaces, endless citrus groves, and everything classically Southern Californian. More recently, developers took over, building strip malls, chain restaurants, and modernist condo-boxes faster than you can order a double tall latte. Suburbia aside, make sure you don't neglect the incredible views, which, if it's not summer, stretch to the Pacific.

This area was originally called "Zelzah," the biblical word for "oasis," in reference to a spring that no longer runs above ground, but which lies buried deep beneath the intersection of Parthenia and Reseda. This spring served as a water cooler for the local indigenous population -- apparently providing both refreshment and a place to discuss the previous night's episode of Lost. Nowadays the preferred gathering spot is the Northridge Fashion Center mall.


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Tous Les Jours
This might come as a surprise to people who aren’t from LA, but Asian people make some of the best baked goods in this city. It's like a bunch of them all decided to fill the depressing bakery void created by supermarkets and Starbucks. As a massive franchise, Tous Les Jours is essentially Starbuck's adopted Asian cousin. The crucial difference is that instead of serving weak coffee with stupid pseudo-Italian names, this place specializes in awesome pseudo-French treats baked with rice flour. It's like a wheat-hating carb lover's wet dream. There are about a gazillion varieties of different breads, all of which contain just the right amount of soft and sweet. Then there are, of course, the cakes: they're so freaking adorable that they'll just about break your heart. There are a handful of these places scattered around Los Angeles, so consult a mapquest to find a location nearest you.

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