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Canoga Park / Woodland Hills

Canoga Park is home to Warner Center, a small city of office buildings, chain stores, restaurants, and big corporations. But only a stone's throw away sits Pierce College, a community college whose emphasis on sustainable agriculture shows: the college boasts a working farm, a veterinary science program, and a green philosophy that includes solar power and drought-resistant plants -- adding rustic charm to what would otherwise be a wasteland of pre-fab business parks.

Antique Row, along Sherman Way, is Canoga Park's most charming thoroughfare. Between quaint antique stores lies Follow Your Heart, birthplace of Vegenaise "mayonnaise alternative" -- allowing vegans everywhere to say goodbye to dry Tofurkey sandwiches. Nearby (and not quite so charming), the behemoth See more.

>Westfield Topanga includes a Neiman Marcus, a revamped Nordstrom, and a two-story Target. Whether you're headed to Vegan Mecca or just need some more laundry detergent, they've got you covered.


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Posted By:  Noah Albert
Photo:  Pilar Wiley

America is a great place. So much so that John Ehn felt moved to immortalize his vision of the old West in concrete. Mr. Ehn was a trapper in Michigan until he moved to Woodland Hills in 1941 and opened a motel—the Old Trapper's Lodge. At this point John Ehn also took up sculpture and continued to work in concrete until 1981, when he passed away. His work was originally located on the Old Trapper’s grounds, but when the Lodge was destroyed and the sculptures needed a new home, Pierce College was kind enough to adopt the pieces. Located at the far end of campus on El Rancho Drive between the "Agricultural Science" and "Equestrian Area" many people who work at the college don’t even know the statues exist. And so as Pierce College dissipates beneath the burden of financial distress, mysterious volunteers come every year to retouch the pieces and keep the colors vibrant and fresh, causing some to speculate about the cursed sculptures that John Ehn left behind.

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