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Arcadia Terrace / Peterson Park

This quiet enclave snuggled between the Chicago River and Rosehill Cemetery is home to many Koreans, Middle Easterners, and Eastern Europeans. Touted by real estate agents as an "up and comer" as the seedy motels on Lincoln Avenue, once reputable, are torn down one-by-one due to their decrepit conditions and increasingly bad reputations and new condos dot the skyline. Arcadian Terrace and Peterson Park are becoming increasingly desirable for young families priced out of Ravenswood and Andersonville.

Proving you don't need a passport for delicious, authentic international fare, Lincoln and Peterson Avenues are peppered with tiny, unassuming Korean, Japanese and Middle Eastern storefront restaurants. Fondue Stube's coziness and Katsu's colorful sushi menu are stand outs. Locals drink until they're ready for karaoke at the See more.

>Hidden Cove or nosh and sip off the cheap menu at Emerald Isle.


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Make sure your stomach is completely empty before you go to this popular Korean BBQ and noodles joint because here you're in for a serious amount of food. Solga has two specialties: BBQ and homemade naengmyeon, a type of buckwheat noodle. Order either and you're in for a delicious meal. For BBQ, you're brought an enormous plate of marinated meat or seafood that you cook on the gas stove embedded in your table. Noodle and hot pot dishes come in huge bowls. All meals include rice and several panchan, small side dishes that include kimchi and seaweed salad. Needless to say, you'll be able to eat until you're ready to burst. If you've taken the Brown Line to get there, you'll appreciate the ten-block walk back to the Western station to help you digest. Solga also has several party rooms for large groups. Because of its popularity, it's wise to make a reservation.

Posted By:  Paul Barile
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Northside College Preparatory
Kids these days; if it isn’t one thing it’s another. If you don’t keep a close enough eye on them, they go and create something like the Green Scene right here in your own neighborhood. They actually have the audacity to raise the awareness of Earth Day while providing a showcase for area greenspace organizations. CASE (Community for Alternative Sources of Energy) is a student group based in Northside Preparatory High School who is committed to the greening of our planet. How do you talk to a kid who would rather work with like-minded kids on developing programs to improve the Chicago and its various green spaces? The one way to keep a close enough eye on these youngsters is to attend the Green Scene where over a dozen eco-friendly vendors will offer everything from vegan food and a book/DVD swap. The little know-it-alls are actually going to “teach” us practical ideas about living more eco-friendly. They actually believe there are things that we can integrate into our lives that will have an impact on the environment. Seeing is believing and the Green Scene will go on—rain or shine.

Posted By:  Brian Diebold
Photo:  Brian Diebold

Emerald Isle
With the advent of October, every true Irishman is getting the jitters as they realize we are approaching the “half-way to St. Patrick’s Day” parties that will sweep the city. Let’s face it… this is their only legit holiday and it’s yet another excuse for heavy drinking. Being said Irishman (at least in part), I took to the most Irish sounding place I could find. The Emerald Isle may sound like a pub straight from Cork or Kerry, but there is about as much Irish in this joint as there is on the Notre Dame basketball team. What I did find was a cool little lunch joint. $.25 wings on Mondays, $1.50 beef tacos on Wednesdays, and a killer $3 Italian Beef sandwich on Thursdays. How much more Irish can you get? The rest of their menu is good and if you are into beer (like most Irishmen) you will enjoy their 6 bottle bucket deals for $12 nearly every day. $1 drafts on Wednesdays help wash down the tacos, but a word of caution: Be sure a Leprechaun isn’t making that taco. They always seem to rip you off on the beef and fill it with too much potato!

Posted By:  Brian Diebold
Photo:  Brian Diebold

Wolfy's Hot Dogs
Chicago style hotdogs have become an institution. Wolfy’s Restaurant has made this fact even more apparent by the way they brazenly “stick it” right in your face. The giant skewered frankfurter sign that protrudes into the sky off the street not only lets you know the fare for the day, but that they also use another Chicago born institution, Vienna Beef Products. Any true Chicagoan will tell you if it isn’t Vienna Beef, then it truly is made of lips and assholes. Of course, it goes without saying that a hotdog at Wolfy’s is the way to go, but other options can also be a wise choice. The Polish Sausage and fries are always worth a try and compared to a lot of Chicago hotdog joints, Wolfy’s selection of condiments and fixins' is superb. If you are looking for a real heart attack delight, try their double dog. Two dogs, one bun, topped with the regular mix, then slathered in chili and cheese. I guarantee after two of these bad boys your stomach will thank you. That or it will feel like the skewered hotdog outside on the sign!

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