NFT Atlanta Sandy Springs (South)

Sandy Springs (South)

Sandy Springs continues to grow and develop after earning its independence from Atlanta. They have their own police force and PTA-styled city council. They seem to think that the most pressing issues facing the new city are cracking down on strip clubs and XXX video stores, and rolling back bar and club hours. If you hate fun, this might be the place for you.


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Posted By:  Beth Linder
Photo:  Beth Linder

Wedding season. Engagement season. Wedding season. Let’s be frank–there’s no “season.” These two times of your life last 24/7/365. And you know what that means…gift season. Yep, that’s right. Gift season. So suck it up and spend if you think your nuptial dinner is worth more than the price of half a knish and a glass of water. Fortunately for you, gift season comes with options: Buy off the registry or be a rebel, it’s a tricky decision. So, brush your inner Peter Griffin aside and make up your freakin’ mind. And in typical Peter fashion, you go the route of the rebel. Behold, the perfect choice. A cow-shaped crystal paperweight. Random, but nice (I guess), and “udderly” (pun intended) useless. Good thing you went with your instincts. You rebel. While you relish in your extraordinary gift-giving abilities, the bride and groom-to-be enjoy a full belly laugh upon opening your gift, which is followed quickly by sheer confusion (or perhaps it’s resentment). Lucky for them, your rebellious choice in décor can be returned to Fragile for something most likely found on their registry at Macy’s or Crate n’ Barrel. Something useful. Like china. It’s the best of both worlds and everybody wins. Now that’s freakin’ sweet.

Posted By:  Beth Linder
Photo:  Beth Linder

In the game of rating sports bars in Atlanta, you’ll find their classification curiously fits in a league alongside the status symbols reserved for cars. They range from fully-loaded, luxury restaurants, like ESPN Zone, with valet parking and overpriced, yet average meals to your more basic model for sports bars, like the Three Dollar Café. Unlike the status of a Geo Metro, this standard taproom holds superior ranking and hits more homeruns with sports fans by completely engulfing you in the heart, soul, and spirit of the game. Order a mound of good food, and actually enjoy the game you’re watching while conversing at a normal decibel level. Three Dollar Café has become increasingly popular with students, fellow Generation Y-ers, and any sports fanatics who know that all you need to enjoy the game is one TV for every five of your friends, a table full of pitchers containing your choice of barley and hops, and a generous serving of the best wings in town.

Posted By:  Beth Malone
Photo:  Beth Malone

Phoenix & Dragon
If Harry Potter were to visit Atlanta, he’d be sure to pop into this treasure of a shop, quietly hidden amongst the hustle and bustle of overrated chain stores and restaurants that give life to Roswell Road. Inside The Phoenix and The Dragon, new age meets old world myth, mysticism, and magic (and, of course, two resident cats), and attracts a broad spectrum of consumers from natural-born psychics to amateur Wiccans. Here, skepticism and superstition take a back seat to the spirituality and intuition associated with multicultural beliefs from Native America to ancient Egypt. Whether you’re in the market for any whimsical item from your own personal cauldron or tarot cards to books like The Complete Encyclopedia of Crystals or Brian Froud’s Guide to Goblins inside The Labyrinth, any fiend of fantasy or curious bystander will feel like a kid in a candy store handing out free Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans and Butter Beer.

Posted By:  Sara Kim
Photo:  Sara Kim

Sensitive skin and coarse hair is not a good combination. Luckily, after I discovered the beauty of waxing about 6 years ago, I gave my underarms a permanent vacation from shaving. Of course, since hair grows back every 2-3 weeks, waxing is something I have to add into my monthly budget, which turns out to be about $50 a month (it’s about $25 each time). Then I stumbled across an internet article about International School of Skin and Nails in Sandy Springs, and every since my first visit I’ve been a regular customer. Underarm waxes are only $8 here versus $20-22 anywhere else, and the esthetician program is so intensive (7 hours a day) that I’ve seen better results here than I have at some other day spas. (Bad experiences with miseducated estheticians at other spas included their using wax that was too hot and/or pulling off the wax in the wrong direction). I’ve also had the hour-long European facial here, during which I slipped into a blissful coma and awoke with a smooth glow and no congested pores! All for just $35, a price that’s impossible to find anywhere else.

Posted By:  Ben Bowlin
Photo:  none

This is one of the best places around the city for food, and the beer selection is also unreasonably extensive. While trying to choose between all the stuff on the menu I considered making up a “beer” and ordering it, just to see what they’d do. But honestly, they have way too much booze in this restaurant/bar (not that I’m complaining). The downstairs is really the best place to relax and unwind. The place can be a bit difficult to find if you’re not familiar with the area, but parking is extensive and Roswell is one of the few Atlanta streets with consistent (which is not to imply consistently good) bus service. If I was taking some sort of standardized, multiple choice test (the kind using No. 2 pencils), I would rate 5 Seasons Brewing as a middle-of-the-road, safe place to bring teetotaler in-laws (see our earlier Tract!) or to hold one of those business dinners where everyone has to schmooze. The usual assortment of bar games (darts, pool, etc) is located downstairs.

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