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Ormewood Park

Sandwiched between the bustling businesses on Moreland and Boulevard, Ormewood Park is quietly residential and has seen a great deal of change for the good in the last several years as real estate redevelopment has grown and new neighbors have moved to the area. The Jacci Fuller Woodland Garden Park (at Gilbert and Confederate) is the only entirely handicapped-accessible park in the city and is a nature buff’s dream.


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Posted By:  Katherine Dean
Photo:  J.E. Kemp

Baker Produce
Nothing says summer in the South quite like a giant truckload of watermelons for sale on the side of the road. And while this is an everyday sight to behold during the month of July in rural locales, several urban produce stands have cropped up and are ripe for the picking. At Baker Produce on Moreland, a melon that's big enough to feed everyone at the barbecue will only set you back $10. Plus, with Baker's proximity to the skeevy package stores of Ormewood and East Atlanta, finding a bottle of Golden Grain to pour into your Georgia ham for a drunken fruit-fest should be no problem. Baker's has got other summer staples--peaches, tomatoes, onions--but the watermelons are really what deserve the stop.

Posted By:  Mark Rogers

The Robert Burns Cottage
An exact replica of Robert Burns’ birth home, this quiet spot is just minutes from downtown and seems as out-of-the-way today as it was upon its construction in the 1920s. This is private property and is the address of the Atlanta Burns Society (est. 1899), but you can come and sit quietly (no picnics, please) on the provided benches to read such saucy selections as: But my downcast eyes by chance did spy What made my lips to water Those limbs so clean where I, between, Commenced a Fornicator. But sexy frolic and the bucolic setting aside, I have mixed feelings about this site. I could talk about the Scottish bards’ libertine poetry or the secret society of Masons to which he belonged. But what about the strange kinship that Atlanta’s Jim Crow-era white male felt for Burns? His idealistic poems of liberty, virtue, freedom, and a brotherhood of mankind are an anathema to Atlanta’s mottled history. A trip to the Burns Cottage in Ormewood Park offers much food for thought; it is a trip back in time—but I can’t say a simpler one. Beautiful places with a heart-rending record; that’s the South.

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