NFT Atlanta Mechanicsville / Castleberry Hill

Mechanicsville / Castleberry Hill

Located near Turner Field, these once affluent African-American and Jewish neighborhoods are undergoing major gentrification. Take a stroll down streets lined with new Southern-style homes, complete with front porches and small patches of lawn. For young families prepared for the occasional criminal infraction, this is an affordable intown starter home community (but be sure to lock your doors).


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Historic Buildings in Atlanta

By Sara Cheshire
Ready to see Atlanta's famous antebellum architecture? Well, fuck you, 'cause you can't! They been BURNED since 1865 so get ready to see a lot of McDonalds instead, you ignorant tool. In the meantime, Sara Cheshire has some cool late 19th century buildings to peacock.


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Posted By:  Katherine Dean
Photo:  Katherine Dean

Why is it so difficult to find a decent lunch spot in downtown Atlanta? Add Slice to the growing list of unacceptable dining options in the Fairlie-Poplar district. Against my better judgment, and perhaps out of pity that a pal of mine bashed it, I gave Slice a shot. Upon entering the mostly-empty restaurant, the conversation went like this. Me: "Oh, I thought this was more of a take-out place." Friendly, but less-than-helpful waitress: "We can (emphasis) do takeout." This is where I should have taken the opportunity to leave. But instead I asked her to ring me up a Caesar salad and a slice of cheese. Shouldn't take long, right? Wrong. Nearly 20 minutes later, and $7.50 lighter, I'm fuming and walking away with a pitiful excuse for a meal. Brown, kinda slimy lettuce. Dressing that bore a striking resemblance to that oily goo they squirt on your popcorn at the movie theater and a slice of cheese that tasted only a half-step better than frozen. Bleck.

Posted By:  Deanna Jue
Photo:  Deanna Jue

Turner Field
The actual rules of baseball have so many nuances that I just don’t bother. For me, Braves games are more about experiencing the food and, even more importantly, the beer. Just before the game walk up to the box office to get your tickets. Check http://www.braves.comfor theme nights—the good ol’ Braves marketing team has had their thinking caps on—creating the likes of Stitch ‘n Pitch (first 1,000 fans get a needlearts bag!), ‘80s Mullet Head Night, and Elvis Night. Friday Night Fireworks Night is a good way to get your post Fourth of July pyrotechnics fix. As for food, leave the peanuts and crackerjacks, and head for options like the full service Chop House overlooking the field, bbq ribs, or a chicken burrito. Bars are throughout the field, but drinks aren’t cheap. So if you’re a little adventurous, go ahead and tape that flask to your thigh. And don’t forget to show at least a little team spirit and do a tomahawk or two. You’ll also likely find yourself doing The Wave after a few beers—and liking it.

Posted By:  Carla Kaiser
Photo:  Carla Kaiser

No Mas! Cantina
No Mas Cantina is a very special Mexican-ish restaurant located in the heart of the artsy Castleberry Hill district, and it’s unlike any other restaurant I’ve ever been to. The owners also own a Mexican import business, so the menu includes the glassware, light fixtures, and the cotton shirts worn by the waitstaff. Next door is their amazing furniture showroom. Another thing I noticed is that the people who work there actually seem to enjoy their job. The menus don’t have salsa and greasy fingerprints all over them. The décor is beyond gorgeous, without being pretentious or matchy match. The patio is simply incredible, AND they are the only restaurant I’ve ever been to that properly serves iced tea. You know, with the extra-long handled spoon? Plus, their tables are set with royal blue cotton napkins that have their logo embroidered on them. I’m not kidding. These people know what they’re doing, and word is they’re setting up the empty lawn next door for a kick ass Cinco de Mayo party.

Posted By:  Deanna Jue
Photo:  Deanna Jue

Cars and even flatware (sporks) have hybrid options—and apparently Mexican restaurants come in hybrid models too. Castleberry Hill’s No Mas! Cantina not only will serve you a taco with rice but will sell you the chair from right from under your bum. No Mas’ owners figured their ten years of successful importing of handcrafted Mexican furniture and accessories meant that their next logical step would be to diversify into Mexican food. As questionable as that logic seems—the food and drinks hold their own on the menu next to the $32 “Diego shirt” and $399 table set, which are also featured as options. An inventive menu serves up more than your standard burrito and refried—try the ‘Camarones Alambres’—shrimp skewers atop sweet plantains and mesa cake, or get the ‘Tacos de Pescado,’ which for the non-bilingual folk, translates into ‘really good tilapia tacos.’ The bar, also in on the hybrid thing, serves the ‘Pinarita,’ a margarita-pina colada, and is large enough to hold a group. Do a tequila shot, spin three times, and you’ll almost swear that you’ve been transported to the coast of Mexico . . . of course, also influenced by the restaurant’s authentic décor and flavorful cuisine.

Posted By:  Beth Malone
Photo:  Beth Malone

I know many of you are new to Atlanta, and may not know the names Terry Pendleton, Sid Bream, or god-forbid Rafael Belliard. In my formative years, I spent hours sitting on the living room floor, two feet from the Zenith, holding a bunny ear, watching my beloved Braves. In a year they went from the worst team in baseball to the best—followed by a DECADE of championships. This year we’ve faltered. We’re a mere shadow of the team we once were. Good news for those of us who still enjoy a live game. Christy got free Lexus level tickets to the Braves vs. Philly’s. When the Bravos were on top, I sat nose bleed—so high I couldn’t even make out the golden glow that is the Lexus level. These days $5 will get you a seat, $10 will get you a good one, and for $30 you can probably cozy up with Bobby Cox. Braves fans are fair-weather, so this year that means available tickets, close parking, and short beer lines. Hot dogs are $9; beer still runs $7. So pack a snack and a flask, and head down to Turner Field for America’s greatest pastime.

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