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Dunwoody (West)

Dunwoody is the ‘burb with connections. Located at the top end of the perimeter, it’s close to two interstates and two train stations heading ITP, giving this area quick access to the best of the city’s offerings while keeping it a quiet, safe, and affluent area. Even P. Diddy has a home here.


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Posted By:  Carrie Neal Walden
Photo:  Carrie Neal Walden

Fresh Market
Eatzi's closed its doors eons ago. Parking at Whole Foods has become an extreme sport, and the old Harry's in a Hurry still sits empty after all these years. So what's a girl who doesn't want to cook/needs a ready-made appetizer to take to a friendly gathering to do? Swing by Fresh Market! This treasure trove of tasty treats is the ticket. From gorgeous produce and single-serve chicken breasts wrapped with spinach and provolone to fresh flowers and wine, ready-to-cook pizza with a smorgasbord of yummy toppers and a dessert case to die for, the Market is a must-visit. Stop by the next time you're having a girls-night-in, or just feel like shopping-for-one with a little bit of fancy!

Posted By:  Beth Linder
Photo:  Beth Linder

Spa Sydell
Mystic tanning–that craze that came and went just about as fast as the color itself. We’ve all tried it, and you can deny that luminescent afterglow until you’re orange in the face. For those of us that need a tan in a hurry and were blessed with what I like to call the “pluck-chicken white” complexion, your solution is at Spa Sydell. Ah yes, the airbrush tan, a Hollywood staple performed in Atlanta as an outpatient procedure and for less than the cost of your weekly jaunts to Starbucks. At this uber-modern retreat for savvy spa-goers, clients can be in, out, and even-toned in under 20. The results last about five days and are far more prosperous than fake boobs, fake orgasms, and fake hair extensions. So save your skin, wear that sunscreen, and slip into some color for your sister’s wedding.

Posted By:  Beth Linder
Photo:  Beth Linder

Café Intermezzo
Despite the fact that I am a loyal patron of the Starbucks Empire, the root of my appreciation and devotion to coffeehouse conventionalism actually stems from time spent in what’s known as the late Hapsburg Empire. An idea born from the minds of Bohemian artists, poets, and freethinkers alike, the original “Kaffeehaus” offered all the beauties of caffeine-infused beverages at a much slower pace. Behold the age of Kafka, Goethe, and Nietzsche. What meets your eye is not a cookie-cutter counter display, but a dark yet inviting bistro where you’re free to people-watch from patio seats or embrace your inner recluse at a corner table. Once you’re comfortably settled in, the infamous Beverage Book, cleverly disguised as a menu, puts your free will to the ultimate challenge. Even the coffee connoisseur will feel overwhelmed by the choices set before them. If you have a sweet tooth, the strategically placed sea of tortes and cakes has the panache to make even the Viennese Café Central turn her historical head. This American cousin will beckon you in for your favorite drink and beg you to stay for dessert.

Posted By:  Jared Cobb
Photo:  Courtesy of Chequer’s Bar & Grill

Chequers Seafood Grill
With its snooty decor and which-fork-do-I-use vibe, Chequer’s Bar & Grill is not the kind of place we typically cover here at NFT. We tend to stay away from overpriced seafood digs where diners pay the equiv-alent of a month’s worth of premium cable service for a seafood course that, while delicious, is mostly unremarkable. Move all this up to the bland landscape of the Perimeter Mall and we’re even further from impressed. However! Crack through this hard candy shell and you’ll discover the chewy nugget center called Happy Hour Spe-cials. Yes, Monday through Friday in the bar and patio only from 4 pm-7 pm, Chequer’s offers a beautiful one-pound lobster sold at cost (usually around $11) as well as 1/2-priced apps like jumbo crab cakes, calamari, and fresh oysters. It’s such a great deal for this quality seafood that your server probably won’t mention the specials, but you’re already one step ahead of him. So go crash the stiff’s party and eat like a bigwig, without having to smell like one. Even better, throw away your savings by ordering a bottle off their impressive wine list while you haphazardly disregard all fiscal responsibility. Now who’s the bigwig?

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