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Druid Hills (West)

Adjacent to Emory University, Druid Hills was designed by landscape artist Frederick Law Olmstead and features some of the finest residential architecture in Georgia. This neighborhood is also home to two of the city’s best fine arts and cultural institutions (Callanwolde, Fernbank). Several homes in the area were featured in the movie Driving Miss Daisy.


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Historic Buildings in Atlanta

By Sara Cheshire
Ready to see Atlanta's famous antebellum architecture? Well, fuck you, 'cause you can't! They been BURNED since 1865 so get ready to see a lot of McDonalds instead, you ignorant tool. In the meantime, Sara Cheshire has some cool late 19th century buildings to peacock.


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Posted By:  Lauren Gunderson
Photo:  Lauren Gunderson

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
So there is a castle in Atlanta! And you can play princess fairyland if you want to, I already asked. Set on several acres of gorgeous woods, gardens, and other fancy crap, Callanwolde is the former estate of Coke founder Asa Chandler’s son. It is macked out a la 1930: a crystal conservatory, gurgling fountain, grand ballroom. For free, or $1.50 if you want a guided tour, you can flit around this stunning Gothic-Tudor style mansion all day. On top of that it’s a gallery, studio, and performance space with artists coming in and out all the time. Upstairs you’ll find a change of pace as you walk into the chic gallery space. This is a rather unknown tourist location that locales know pretty well. Take a gander at old Southern money, but watch out on the weekends, there are always weddings to crash.

Posted By:  Jennifer Kornder
Photo:  Jennifer Kornder

Fernbank Museum of Natural History
I insist that you drop whatever you were about to do tomorrow and go see the Imperial Rome show at the Fernbank. I took the afternoon off of work the day after it opened, and my life was enriched, my awareness expanded, and my perceptions clarified by this stunning exhibition. Not only did I gasp with pleasure at chipped statues of bloated and wrinkled Romans and coo with delight over cameo pendants and copper mirrors used by ancient Roman drag queens, but I was literally brought to my knees by the little phallic talismans. They’re stored discreetly in a glass case that you have to stoop to peer into, so yes, you will be going down to see them. I sprang through the entire exhibit like a demented child rabidly snapping photos with my cellphone, pausing only at the last piece in the exhibit: a stunning casket bedecked with jaw-dropping relief sculptures that made putrefaction seem like a glamorous enterprise. The exhibit ends pointedly in a tacky little gift shop, where cheap plastic replicas of Roman helmets and swords are available for purchase to help children recapture the glory of Caligula.

Posted By:  Ben Bowlin
Photo:  none

All Fired Up
This is one of those things that could only happen in Decatur. At All Fired Up, families can make and decorate pots, browse commissioned artwork, or even send their kids off to a summer day camp. As a recent resident of Decatur I have to admit I’m baffled and impressed by how genuinely good and community-oriented our business owners can be. The owners, Jim and Bobbi, just seem like warm and enthusiastic people, more concerned that their customers have a good time than the bottom line. This is the perfect place to take a kid if you’re stuck with them for the afternoon, and if the child doesn’t dig pottery, he/she can work on beading or mosaic projects. If you call in advance you can reserve a large room for group activities with no additional charge. Since its Decatur, I would recommend taking a bike or the train over, as this store is only a short distance from the Decatur train station.

Posted By:  Ben Bowlin
Photo:  Ben Bowlin

Fernbank Museum of Natural History
Fernbank is like Peter Parker—every so often it sheds the geeky-chic museum veneer, revealing a secret, swanky alter ego called Marti-nis and IMAX. This event is annually voted “Best First Date” by one source or another because it’s classy, different, and the low lighting makes everyone look attractive (that last part is my own theory, and you might not •nd it on the website). The doors open for happy hour from 5:30-6:30, and there’s a small menu of entrees that vary weekly. In my experience, this place is better for snacking that a full meal (we all know eating detracts from valuable drinking time), so I recommend arriving at your leisure, sampling a few cocktails or wine, and taking in the hip atmosphere. Keep in mind that Martinis/IMAX is often also voted “Best Place to Find A Date,” so if you want to be alone, you’d better try another venue. The IMAX •lm is optional and, after a few drinks, many people prefer to stay with the band. Call ahead or visit the website for tickets and band info. For the daytime crowd, Fernbank is also a decent museum to visit.

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