Miami Custom Mapguides

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2013 Miami Dorka Venczel211/1/2012
It's Showtime!Jonesin' for a night on the town? Get out of the house and take in a show! Whether it's a movie, concert, or art display, you'll mingle with the cultural masses and shed your hermit shell.Hannah Sentenac79/23/2009
Lunchtime EscapesLooking forward to a little lunch break? Try these delish Miami hotspots for some quick and easy grub. Fill that hungry belly and head back to work, satisfied.Hannah Sentenac69/23/2009
Waste an Afternoon in MIALooking to kill some time? Here are more than a few ways to waste some serious time in the Miami metro area. From botanical gardens to historical sites, you'll wile away the hours in no time.Hannah Sentenac99/23/2009
Dive Bars Of SoBeWho says you need a lot of cash to get your drink on? $25 cocktails are for dates to buy me. When I'm out with the girls (and paying my own way) you can find me here.Laine Doss99/21/2009
Judy's Pizza Joints Judy Del Rio69/18/2009
The Pervert's Guide to Miami Judy Del Rio129/18/2009
Places I wish we hadn't told you about.These are my favorite places in Miami for good finds. Hopefully, we don't share the same taste, but the fact that you're looking at this, means I may be in trouble. I may give you a dirty look if you run into me here. Don't worry, I'll be seething on the inside.Brian Griffiths69/17/2009