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Radar Image Five Guys

Five Guys Comes To Boston

Have you ever been out in the city, desperate for some good eats, but have no idea what the trendy, or legendary spots are? If that's your Sunday, than national burger chain Five Guys is the best spot for you. Your burger is never frozen, it is only cooked after you order it, and toppings include everything from grilled onions to A-1. The double stacked Bacon Cheeseburger is orgasmic, as are the Cajun fries. Everything in this fast-rising chain is of the utmost quality, so much so that you f ... Continue

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Radar Image The Red Room @ Cafe 939

Up & Coming

Fun fact, this was my first legit non-classical concert ever. And the Red Room was a great gateway to the dive bars in my future. The Red Room @ Cafe 939 is Berklee's student-run music venue. Showcasing anyone from one of Berklee's rising musicians to youtube favorite Pomplamoose (whose sold out concert on June 21 was my first and definitely not my last Red Room experience.) Red Room's concerts provide entertainment to more than the 21+ crowd. Literally a red room, the venue has a completely ch ... Continue

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Radar Image Buffalo Exchange

They Always Win

Two years later, Buffalo Exchange has outlasted Poor Little Rich Girl in the race to fill Davis Square with student budget-friendly shops. There is something extremely unique about BE (that's what the cool kids call it). While going through your clothing, they can either make you feel a.) like an idiot for ever buying something or b.) proud to have had something in your wardrobe worthy of Ms. Hipster buyer's approval. They don't buy ba ... Continue

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Radar Image The Clayroom

Wine & Pottery

Imagine being offered the combination of a glass of wine, assortment of cheeses, and paint your own pottery. Imagine a rainy day, relaxing activity that doesn't involve sitting on your couch watching "Love Actually." Well, my friend, imagine no more! The Clayroom, located near Coolidge Corner in Brookline, has found the inner child. From practical items such as platters and mugs to school buses and wizards alike, for a reasonable price, you can paint your own pottery. There are even stencils for ... Continue

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Radar Image Copley Square

Fresh and Local

One of my favorite pastimes of fall is perusing farmers markets. The Copley Square farmers market enables us city dwellers to get a taste of a small community feel every Tuesday and Friday from May to November. All of the local, fresh produce has usually been picked within the past 24 hours with speckles of dirt still sprinkled on the skin. Plus, who can resist digging into a huge barrel of string beans to hand pick the ripest of them all for an afternoon snack? From fennel bulbs and beets the ... Continue

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Urban Escapes

Get Out of Town

You know how you'll be having a beer one night, and someone will go, "Man... I've always wanted to go white water rafting," and everyone will nod? Do you ever do it? A few of you will figure out where to go, costs, hotels, etc. While most of you will instead say, "To hell with it, let's play some Xbox." I'm here to tell you that you can now have someone else do the heavy lifting while you get all the benefit of the adventure, and that someone is Urban Escapes. UE wants to take you, your friends ... Continue

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Radar Image Radar Image Algiers

Classic Cambridge

The Algiers Coffee House has been a main-stay in Cambridge for decades, and shows it's age, but in a very charming manner. Locals and students sit closely at Moroccan tables sipping tea by the pot, eating their truly yummy falafel platters, and enjoying unique salads in a funky, laid-back atmosphere. Service is friendly and unhurried. Entrees are $8-16 while desserts are $4-8. Try the fresh basbousa (semolina cakes with syrup) for a simple, satisfying sweet with your coffee. The Algiers is no ... Continue

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Radar Image ImprovBoston

As You Like It

Enjoy high-brow entertainment, but love your art in approximately one-hour, T.V.-drama-like doses? Then look no further than ImprovBoston, where Discount Shakespeare's production of As You Like It is finishing its run with a show this Wednesday the 28th. The subtitle of the event promises the play will be performed in 45 minutes (and they make good on that pledge). One of Shakespeare's most satisfying comedies, there is a lot to like about this version: an arm-wrestling match, a brief vaudevilli ... Continue

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Spectacular Views of Boston

"From Bunker Hill to the Blue Hills, from the Charles River to Charlestown, there are a number of spots to catch spectacular views of the city as a whole, both inside and out of Boston proper.  So kick back and enjoy the views."

Beautiful Boston & The Pizza Within

Pizza: It's not just for Italians anymore. Thin crust, garlic-stuffed, charred, magic or imported from California (the tomatoes, that is), Emily Doutre's tried them all and now she's reporting. Deal with it.

Authentic Harvard Square

There once was a girl named Olga who was wandering around Harvard Square when she ran into a girl named Sarah from her NYU French class. Olga said, "Sarah! I didn't expect to see you here!" to which Sarah responded--her turbid prescripition sunglasses angling to the side, her voice an even contralto, causing Olga to shiver in the Cambridge sun-- "but why would you?" More "authentic" Harvard Square stories are only a mouse-click away.

NFT Video

Kings of Jerky

NFT makes a visit to New Beef King in Chinatown NYC to pick up the ultimate afternoon snack—beef and pork jerky.

RIP 4/18/2016

Fritz Lounge

RIP 4/18/2016

Berk's Shoes

RIP 4/18/2016

Beijing Taste

RIP 4/18/2016

Salsa's Mexican Grill

RIP 4/18/2016



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