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Radar Image Chapman Drug

Fountain History

Chapman Drug is conveniently located in the middle of Hapeville. You can park on the street in front or find a spot trackside. The Chapman Drug & Soda Fountain opened in 1921. It remains a full service pharmacy today and they still make home pharmacy deliveries. In the 1920s & '30s the fountain had curb-side service, but unfortunately that ended in the 1930s. Lunch is the busiest time for the fountain. With Delta Airlines and Wachovia so close, ... Continue

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Radar Image Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q

BBQ Bliss

Atlanta's suburbanites are fortunate in some respects: stately homes on sprawling, manicured plots, zero parking headaches, MILFs aplenty, and most importantly, Jim 'N Nicks Bar-B-Que. The franchise's five suburban locations surround Atlanta like numbers on a clock, and judging by the Suwannee location, there's serious pit-mastership at work here. The venerable father-son chain stretches clear to Colorado, but they respect true Southern prep, evidenced in how they whip the trimmings from scrat ... Continue

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Radar Image Progressive Lighting

Illumination Station

A great source of focal point medallions and gaudy chandeliers, Progressive Lighting on the west side of Midtown actually has some modern, trendy touches that belong in city homes. You have to dig through the crystal hailstorm to find them. It's the largest chain of residential lighting showrooms in the Southeast, and no matter where you are in metro Atlanta, there's one down the road (see the industrial Ellsworth area for a nifty outlet). Keep an eye on seasonal sales, when the many thousands ... Continue

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Radar Image House of Bling

Sparkly Mecca

Dragged in the House of Bling recently, I was happy to find a sweeping variety of things my daughter will never wear. That's not to say the merchandise isn't flashy-cool, and less pricey than the ostentatious business title might imply. Truly, anything that could ever bling is here. Wine glasses. Handbags. Panties. Just nothing that goes on men. Which is a good thing. Employees are quick to point out that 95 percent of said bling ducks under $80, which is the rumored starting point at Phipps. Th ... Continue

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Radar Image Mediterranean Grill

Budget Mediterranean

For big eaters like moi, a fulfilling meal under $7 is about as common as a Black Bear sighting in the suburbs. It happens, usually near garbage, but not often. After years of driving by, I decided last week to try the Mediterranean Grill in Midtown, tucked in a tiny shopping center where Virginia Ave. spills into Piedmont Park. The Chicken Kabob Sandwich, Kufta Kabob, the Shish or tasty Gyro can be married with a wonderful Greek salad and fountain drink for $6.49. We ordered the large (i.e., Fr ... Continue

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Radar Image Radar Image P'Cheen

Canned Irony

Damn it, I wish I loved PBR. Drinking this lifeblood for cheap-asses could literally save most casual bar-goers I know about $200 monthly. Every unpretentious bar in A-town hawks it for about $2 per gallon. Unfortunately, it tastes like a liquefied garden hose sucked through a dead burro's teats. Southern hipsters seem to love it, or at least the ironic look of it in their paws. I find Pabst tolerable if chilled to near-freezing (tiny icebergs within are a good sign), and guzzled while standing ... Continue

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Radar Image Rathbun's

Beautiful & Big

Hard to believe six years have passed since Rathbun's signaled Atlanta's u-turn from a clubby party city to a more refined collection of world-class eateries. Or at least that's what I heard. Like one million others, I wasn't here in 2004, and I've waited far too long to indulge in this Inman Park pillar. Rathbun's and its sister, the spunky Krog Bar, are strikingly beautiful spaces, first and foremost. The bathroo ... Continue

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Radar Image Yoforia


Mix the cold, creamy smell of Dairy Queen with the aesthetics of "A Clockwork Orange" and you have Yoforia, a winning concept in the Highlands outpost that also houses Doc Chey's. The Dairy Queen comparisons pretty much end there. This is healthy, delicious stuff, with organic milk and yogurt and just 25 calories per ounce. (A large original with three toppings was a pucker-inducing $7, but substantial enough to supplant my dinner appetite). Toppings include an array of delicious fruits and wack ... Continue

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