A closeted city person her whole life, Sonia finally flew the coop and landed in NYC to earn a degree that will force her to move back in with her parents after college.

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
What I'm listening to:
     Delta Spirit, John Coltrane, Bon Iver, Norah Jones
What I'm reading:
     Debt: The First 5,000 Years
What I've just seen:
     A police car going the wrong direction on a one way street
What I believe in:
     still working that one out
What pisses me off:
     phone number listings that spell words but don't also include the numbers
What I really think of NFT:
     I'm a fan
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: Do you believe in magic?
    A: No.
Further contact info:
     twitter account: sdweiser
What sanctifies me:
     I don't know

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sdweiser's Reviews & Comments
La Pomme 2/2/2012
The fact that I'm writing a review for a club is funny for multiple reasons. At the top of this extensive list is that I have no basis for comparison (that could either be good or bad. Your call.) I never went to a club before, probably won't again (dear La Pomme, it's not's me.) That being said, La Pomme is a great place to go if you're a. on the youngish side b. intending to hang with the people you already know c. okay with spending a lot more money than usual on your drink of choice (however, La Pomme is on the cheaper side) d. not anti stripper poles ("but what about that young girl's future?") and most importantly e. looking to have fun in a crowded and loud environment. And it was fun (it wasn't a night spent reading a good book or playing scrabble, but not all weekends can be spent living it up cheap student style.) So final verdict: go, be merry and leave with your ears ringing and a smile on your face.
Yoga to the People 4/27/2011
N.B. I always hated yoga. I don’t like to think about my breathing or imagine my body opening like a flower. That being said, Yoga to the People is an amazing workout. With no mirrors and music that doesn’t sound like pipe’s dripping to the lullaby of birds chirping, this isn’t like yoga in a crowded businessy gym. Everyone is there for themselves and people range from confused newbies to yoga masters. Regardless of level, the teachers and participants are non judgmental; it doesn’t matter what you wear or if you can lift your leg above your head. They have classes daily at different times and it’s entirely donation based. Be warned: it gets crowded and there is no air conditioning. Arrive early and know that it’ll get toasty! Check it out. You won’t regret it.

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Buffalo Exchange
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The Grey Dog's Coffee
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2/24/2011 Coffee, Washington Square / NYU / NoHo / SoHo — Walking into Grey Dog's Coffee is like walking into New Hampshire. The normal NYU hipster look fuses...

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New York
16 Handles They say it's good for you...
Yoga to the People Breathing just got easier

The Red Room @ Cafe 939 Berklee's student run music venue.