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     Digital Project Manager
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     I wanna taste the breeze of every great city.
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     Alisha Miranda is a former Brooklynite now proudly calling Philadelphia home. She works with brands on destination and influencer marketing, native advertising and event programming. Her travel experiences have been featured in Time Out New York, World Reviewer, Business Insider, The New York Observer and Travel + Leisure among others. When not working on media campaigns, she writes food and travel stories that inspire young people to see the world. Learn more about Alisha at

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Brooklyn Beso 4/8/2012
Bed-Stuy does it again. This time, it's a kiss from the Caribbean at Lewis Avenue's newest restaurant, Beso. I don't get to eat much of my favorite Spanish dishes so when I heard Beso opened its doors, I wanted to revisit those Latin flavors. To my pleasant surprise, Beso fed me well: arepas with shredded and stewed beef plus a trio of tostadas layered with black beans, queso fresco, and bacalao (cod fish) were our start to the meal. Delicious, familiar, and enough to be a meal on their own. Next up: grilled skirt steak for two - juicy and served medium topped with chimichurri and a side of fried potatoes. For dessert, we kept it simple - chocolate cake. The dinner was familiar and exciting, as I pieced together ingredients and flavors I grew up with and more recently have come to love. And the drinks are NOT to be played with: served to the brim and packed with a punch. Order wisely. Look out for Beso to make its mark in the neighborhood this spring.
Getaway Hostel 12/5/2011
I'm not much for amenities when it comes to traveling. I just need a comfortable bed for a good night's sleep, nice people to keep me company, and internet to keep me mobile on the go. I was happy to find Getaway Hostel so, well... hospitable as I booked my trip to Chicago. It's like a giant happy family opened up a dorm and invited all us young broke kids to crash. Expect the bare basics when booking a room, but the awesome people you'll meet and beautiful neighborhood make up for it. I highly recommend staying here if you're stopping through the Windy City, and be sure to give them a shout out for me!
Ca Va 12/5/2011
Times Square isn't all THAT bad, especially if you can sneak around tourists to slip into CaVa Lounge to wine and dine with Chef Todd English. In the alleys near dated theaters, CaVa sits dimly lit inviting what seems to be the elite you'd never expect to share a table with. BUT don't be fooled by its ambience, the chef and his crew aim to please - no matter who you are, as long as your palette is open to trying new things. Foie grass soaked bread? You got it! Poached hen egg on a bed of toasted parmesan? Sure! Stories of Julia Child and the latest food crazes in California and Chicago? Bring it on. CaVa's food is instantly memorable much like family meals you had as a child. Come here if you want to spoil yourself rotten on tasting plates and celebratory drinks.
Rustik Tavern 7/15/2011
Enter Rustik on an early Saturday and you've entered your own quiet bar haven. Woodsy tables and stools greet you at the door, and pairs take over the risen dance floor, while others mingle about. Not to be missed is the clever bar menu with dishes named after 'hood streets - though cheesy in nature, impressive in food selection and prices. They serve small plates and apps, plus big boy entrees for $20 and under. But if you're more inclined to drink and lounge, go for one of their summery cocktails which are beautifully made, but also light and refreshing.
Black Swan 7/13/2011
Boy do I feel stupid ignoring the corner of that Bedford-Nostrand G stop. Who would've thought amongst the grease fests that is KFC and the like sits a beautifully intimate fine-dining restaurant like Black Swan? Well, now I do. And so should you. Elegant yet warm and inviting, the Black Swan specializes in kicking brunch another notch with comfort classics like silver dollar pancakes that melt in your mouth, a bloody mary furnished with - wait for it - a perfectly fried strip of bacon AND lightly grilled shrimp on a skewer, plus they make a delicious mac n' cheese casserole with (again) bacon and sun dried tomatoes. With your first bite you'll forget you're in the same neighborhood Biggie Smalls grew up in.

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