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Gooey Looie's 1/5/2011
I picked up a few hoagies on a friend's recommendation, and I feel obliged to unload the word 'titanic' in reference to them (it's one step above humongous). They were delicious as well, but it was the size that really stood out. If you eat a whole one in a sitting you have a serious problem--or you will soon. They also do an awesome job of "travel-packing" the hoagies for later. If you don't know what this is, you'll be delighted to find out. By the way, Looie's is not easy to notice. It's hidden in Pennsport Mall, which is the weird little shopping center off the corner of Moyamensing and Moore. Except for the sign, it doesn't look like a shopping center, even after you're in it. *Yet it is one.*