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Thai Time 12/15/2010
The Inner Richmond is littered with Thai restaurants and one could spend a lot of time and money separating the bad from the good. There are greasy but fast spots, cheap but overly spicy spots, and expensive spots that are no better than their less expensive counterparts. Thai Time is your best bet for inexpensive, quality Thai. And the very intimate space and friendly staff take it to the next level. With just 8 tables it's super cozy and you're always just a few steps away from the wait staff that waits patiently in-sight near the kitchen to respond to your every request. It's like having dinner in your own home. (Last time I ate there, we ran out of room for all the food we ordered, and they brought over an extra table to extend ours.) Everything on the menu is a guaranteed good meal, but I highly recommend the fried crab with mango salad. Tip: Even if you don't have to go, find an excuse to go to the restroom. It'll give you a chance to check out the kitchen since you have to walk through it to get to the restroom. You'll be amazed at how so much good food can come out of such a tiny space! Yet another establishment that does this neighborhood proud.
Tanuki 12/10/2010
On a dark and quiet street you'll find the best inner richmond sushi spot known only to locals. Come in out of the fog, wrap your hands around a large cup of green tea, and just take a minute to lean back and take a deep breath. The space is small enough to feel intimate but large enough to comfort any claustraphobic. The waitstaff is attentive enough to keep things moving if you're in a rush, but respectful enough to let you languish over your meal, taking long breaks inbetween bites to sip your bottomless cup of tea, take another deep breath, and sink deeper into your chair with relaxation and satisfaction. Make sure to check out the specials board behind the sushi bar and try one of the three (yes three!) varieties of miso soup. The lobster handroll is always a sure thing, and the wakame salad is refreshing. Too relaxed to make a decision? Just ask the chef and he'll send out his favorites. There's also a tv above the small sushi bar that's kept at the perfect level of politeness. Loud enough to be heard by those close, and quiet enough not to disrupt main room diners. So feel comfortable to come in, take a seat at the bar, and order dinner for one, as many locals do.
Han Il Kwan 12/10/2010
THE BEST KOREAN JOINT IN TOWN. Authentic and oh so good. If the constant stream of customers doesn't convince you to get in line, then maybe the line of giant tour buses full or Korean tourists parked outside will. If people who eat authentic Korean food everyday IN KOREA are coming to Han Il Kwan, then that's where I'm going for Korean food. It's all about subtle flavors here, nothing too spicy or overdone. I'd come for the ban chan alone, and one actually could since the waiter is constantly replenishing the delicious side dishes, but definitely try the bubbling soft tofu, not-too-spicy kimchi pancakes, and, if you're wearing your pants with the elastic waistband, order the bbq! Then eat it with rice or rolled in lettuce leaves. Then wash it all down with some soju shots or sips of barley tea.

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Han Il Kwan Korean BBQ
Pho Clement Hot huge bowls of goodness.
Tanuki Hidden Sushi Spot. Good Price, Good Food, Good Service.
Thai Time Thai good every time.