Jamie Bushell

I have broken into the otherworldly world of the interweb! Editorial Assistant by day, and writer, dreamer, reader, runner, and wisher by day and night, I shall wander and share (with you) my adventures of likes and dislikes in this city of few concrete walls.


10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Editorial Assistant
What I'm listening to:
     always: simon and garfunkel. right now: bon iver, eels, efterklang, fleetfo
What I'm reading:
     infinite jest, and anything by tom robbins
What I've just seen:
     rewatched memento
What I believe in:
What pisses me off:
     disabled "t" trains at rush hour
What I really think of NFT:
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: Where are you?
Further contact info:
     FaceBook, LinkedIn
What sanctifies me:
     deep breaths

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The Donkey Show 1/10/2011
Ever wonder what it would be like to party at Studio 54 while watching a performance inspired by A Midsummer Nights Dream? "The Donkey Show," housed at the Oberon Theater right outside Harvard Square is the ultimate disco. The show begins right as you enter, with feathered divas, multi-tiered afros, spinning disco balls, and the best disco music of the 70s. Be prepared for dancing and nudity, both often occurring simultaneously. While not forcefully interactive, this show strongly encourages audience participation. "The Donkey Show" lends for a great night with girlfriends - but don't expect too much of a Shakespearean theater performance. Much of the plot is lost amongst the scantily dressed characters and their glitter.
Athan's European Bakery 10/8/2010
While the name of this bakery may cause a testy, political schism among friends and fellow bakery go-ers (“Ayyy-thans” or “Ahhh-thans”?), what’s in a name anyway? As a seemingly Greek bakery, walking into Athan’s feels a bit like walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, minus the trepidation of potentially expanding into a giant blueberry and adds a significantly greater sophistication and decadence to the atmosphere. Upon opening the door, the smell of baklava guides your eyes and nose to the freshly baked gourmet cookies, pies, frozen mousse and a display full of gelato. The aesthetics of the bakery itself confirm this bakery’s status as “not-another-Starbucks.” The dark wooden walls and large seating area provides a certain charm that is unique to most coffee shops in the area. The seating area is quite large which I assume is necessary to satisfy the weekend morning rush for coffee and croissant fixes. I will admit that I came for dinner with a friend on a weekday night, thanks to a recent Groupon deal, and while the atmosphere and desserts were great, I don’t think I would return for their sandwiches, which did not live up to the decadency of everything else.

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