New Cross GateLondon

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Mover of money
What I'm listening to:
     Christian Scott, Gill Scott Heron
What I'm reading:
     Anthony Sheers
What I've just seen:
     Men who stare at goats
What I believe in:
     God, Devil and everything in between
What pisses me off:
     God, Devil and everything in between
What I really think of NFT:
     Helped me survive LA
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: If life is short, what's the best way to live it
    A: Quickly
What sanctifies me:
     God, Devil and everything in between
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Marti's Reviews & Comments
Royal Albert 3/30/2010
The Royal Albert is usually packed to the rafters. Bohemian atmosphere with comfy sofas, dj's, popular quiz nights, friendly staff and a very reasonably priced menu, what more could you want? Properly cooked food. The wine list is a bit hit-and-miss and the food rather on the heavy side, but all in all the Royal Albert offers one of the few options for a good night out in the area.
Panda Panda 3/21/2010
Vietnamese-style sandwiches,) soups and salads, loads more all made to order in fresh and funky new late night eaterie. Just what the Broadway needs. Panda Panda is hip asian style (imagine Ping Pong) Already the Hipsters are taking the best seats by the windows, go here for the delish range of fresh juices and traditional Tea's, all served at great prices.
Deptford Deli 3/21/2010
A brill place for a slow lunch of well made, fresh food, Radio 3 playing softly in the background. Why this is listed under shop is beyond me. This is a Deli, but so much more than that. The outside tables in the car free chilled road of Tanner's Hill overlooking the retro shop and flower shop is perfect for a well made coffee by the friendly staff. The lunch menu is of a high standard and well above the mark of a mere cafe. Whenever I visit, this is a place to sit and eat and have gentle conversation and leave refreshed, you can buy the many wares from fresh Oysters to chocolate cake, but to eat here is a wonderful experience.

Submitted Listings

Panda Panda Bahn mi and other Vietnamese treats.
Royal Albert A true Hipsters local Pub in Deptford.