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I'VE been thrilled to co-author four NYC guidebooks for NFT and I wrote the NYC guidebook for Go! Girl Guides. My favorite travel experiences include interning in Moscow, doing a Fulbright Grant in Argentina, and writing for NFT in Beijing. Raised in Spicewood, Texas, I'm still madly in love with New York...

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10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Administrator for a luthier
What I'm listening to:
     My Erykah Badu station
What I'm reading:
     Searching for Zion by Emily Raboteau
What I've just seen:
     Whatever's ahead when I stare out the front window of the first subway car
What pisses me off:
     Folks not letting other folks get off the train
What I really think of NFT:
     It's still good!
Further contact info:
What sanctifies me:
     Seeing people vote

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Sarah's Features
How to Blow Off Some M?&F@#$%! Steam in NYC
Recession or no recession, life in the city can be stressful. But Sarah Enelow argues that while New York's size can make it infuriating, it also allows for many creative outlets for stress relief.   

Beijing Boom: Arts & Culture
China is undeniably hot right now, destined to be the next land of opportunity. So if China is sprinting into the future, is Beijing's art scene keeping pace? NFT Editor Sarah Enelow spent a month exploring the capital to find out.

The BQE: Not Just For Traffic
What's underneath the BQE, besides an entire society of filthy pigeons? North Brooklyn's tastiest risotto balls, modern art, karate, and a lot more. Come with NFT Editor Sarah Enelow as she finds East Williamsburg's choice attractions along the expressway.    

On the Hunt for NY's Avant-Garde
New York is a world-class performing arts mecca, especially when it comes to experimental work, but where exactly does one find it? NFT Editor Sarah Enelow takes us on a tour of avant-garde performance venues in the city, cutting through the Broadway fluff to find the best, most affordable offbeat events.   

Walk Like You Mean It
"Ugh, if we don’t get there soon, I’m gonna die." Judging by the number of times you hear this on the street, you'd think many people feel that New York is not a "walking city." However, Sarah Enelow explains how New York's very unruly nature is what lends itself to walking, wandering, and discovering your role in this monolith.   

sarah enelow's Radars YeloSpa
Napping at Midtown's YeloSpa
8/18/2013 Shopping, — Only in a high-octane city like New York can you buy a luxury power nap, because you just can't HAND...

Coney Island Museum
Coney Island's Mermaid Parade
6/24/2013 Museums, — Coney Island's Mermaid Parade (est. 1983) almost didn't happen this year due to increased costs and...

Coney Island Museum
Coney Island's Mermaid Parade
6/24/2013 Museums, Coney Island / Brighton Beach — Coney Island's Mermaid Parade (est. 1983) almost didn't happen this year due to increased costs and...

Elks Veterans Memorial Building
Chicago's Elks Veterans Memorial Building
5/27/2013 Landmarks, Lincoln Park — Though it was renovated this spring, few know that the Elks have their National Memorial (and Headqu...

Rainbow Flowers
Rainbow Flowers in Lakeview, IL
3/28/2013 Shopping, East Lakeview — It's tempting to buy cheap orchids at Trader Joe's, I've done it myself, but next time consider a lo...

Submitted Listings

New York
61 Local Spacious bar with a wide, local craft beer selection.
Achilles Heel Worn, hip local bar way over by the docks.
Agent Provocateur Super fabulous, slightly hardcore lingerie, get your credit cards ready.
Animal Care & Control of NYC Depressing facility, but the animals are just too cute.
Animal Haven Wonderful nonprofit animal shelter, adoption center, and accessory shop.


Bookman's Corner Chicago's most surprising bookstore, last of a dying breed.
Pars Cove Outstanding Mediterranean, delicious lamb, best service in town.
Rainbow Flowers Fresh flowers: necessary to get through a Chicago winter.

Other Cities
798 Art District Beijing's premier art district: new work in old warehouses
Forbidden City China's grand imperial palace, no longer off-limits.
Gulou Drum Tower Come for the view, stay for the rousing performance
Jingshan Park A well-manicured green space with an unbeatable view
Lama Temple Awe-inspiring Tibetan Buddhist temple