LAURA Roberts is an Austin-based freelance writer. You can read her work online at laurarobertsonline.com.

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10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
What I'm listening to:
What I'm reading:
     Books, books and more books!
What I've just seen:
     The burning, omnipresent Texas sun--it burns!
What I believe in:
     I don't believe in isms, I just believe in me.
What pisses me off:
     Bad attitudes, rude peeps, psychotic driving
What I really think of NFT:
     It's not for tourists
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: Who's your favorite writer?
    A: Leonard Cohen, closely followed by Jeanette Winterson
What sanctifies me:
     Chocolate, sex and rock 'n' roll

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Favorite Local Services
Name: Miss Janet   
Phone: 514-270-0114
Website: missjanet.ca
She's super friendly, has great style, and her little salon is retro chic. Great tunes, great conversation... oh, and she'll make your hair look HOT!

originaloflaura's Reviews & Comments
Taco Cabana 9/8/2012
Yeah, it's a chain. But guess what? Their breakfast tacos are pretty damn tasty, and they're cheap, too. Especially if you always fill out their survey and get $1 off your next purchase. Salsas are made fresh and taste great (try the green one, love it), and you can add your own jalapenos if you like to get spicy. Ready to get your drink on? Three words: happy hour margaritas. What more do you really need?
Sugar Mama's Bakeshop 9/8/2012
They don't call it "Sugar Mama's" for nothing! You'll definitely feed your sweet tooth here. Everything here is good, so come back early and often.
Curra's 9/8/2012
Run of the mill Mexican. You can find the same food, cheaper, at a taco truck. Maybe even in Curra's parking lot! Check out Taco Journalism for plenty of contenders.
O. Henry Museum 9/8/2012
The O. Henry Museum is a great place to learn more about one of Austin's most celebrated authors. Though William Sidney Porter (aka O. Henry) only rented the house during his Austin days, the city has since acquired it as a local landmark and provides free docent-led tours from noon to 5 PM every Wednesday through Sunday. Whether you're already a big fan of O. Henry's short stories, or only know about his existence thanks to the nearby HandleBar mural, you'll learn a lot about the king of the twist ending here, including theories about his conviction on embezzlement charges and the prison term that subsequently launched his writing career. Literary artifacts abound, including the wicker chairs that inspired O. Henry's best-known work, "The Gift of the Magi," and plenty of period pieces like the family piano, magazines in which the author's works appeared, and even a map he created while employed at the Texas General Land Office. 2012 marks O. Henry's 150th birthday, so a brand-new exhibit entitled "O. Henry: Original Slacker" will be on display starting in September, and the museum also hosts an annual Pun-Off event in honor of the wordsmithing author who invented terms such as "banana republic" and was the original author of the Rolling Stone (then an Onion-esque newspaper that mocked politicians). Slackers, mustache fans and literary types will all get a kick out of this laid-back Austin original.
JavaU 8/25/2009
Java U is a Montreal-based coffee franchise, which I much prefer to evil corporate entities like Starbucks and Tim Hortons. The Java U McGill location, in particular, is one of my favourites, possibly because it's far away from my usual hang-outs so I can actually get some work done. Other pros include: •Super modern décor •A large seating area with plenty of comfortable banquettes and a long bar in the middle for large groups or business meetings •A steady stream of tourists to spy on •Friendly staffers •Clean bathrooms •The excellent Java U menu, which features lots of great sandwiches, salads and gourmet coffee While I do tend to prefer supporting independent cafés, Java U is my go-to corporate alternative. Break the Starbucks stronghold! Go U!

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Austin's O. Henry Museum
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Cafe Myriade
Caffeine Perfection
11/24/2009 Coffee, All Neighborhoods — Café Myriade is definitely my favourite cafe in Montreal. The coffee here is amazing, both in taste...

Concordia University
Brain Candy
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O. Henry Museum Home of the annual Pun-Off

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Brazen Designs Designer and creator of handmade bling.
Concordia Co-op Bookstore Community, solidarity, bookstore: Great prices on new and used books
Concordia University A hub for activist anglophones in Montreal
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Miss Janet Retro, friendly and anti-trends, Miss Janet cuts hair.