Lee Mannion

FREELANCE writer who's now been happily ensconced in the smoke for 12 years. Sometimes I think the burbs might be nice; more than 1 bedroom, a garden, maybe a dog. But then I visit and after 2 days, I'm ready for the city again. Thats not to say that if global warming means we could have beaches like Sydney, I'd be unhappy about it. Or if mountains suddenly sprang up in a geological first that scientists couldn't explain. I'd get a lot more snowboarding done then thats for sure.

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Freelance Writer
What I'm listening to:
     Black Keys. And random techno mixes a bloke I met does.
What I'm reading:
     The Sorrows and Pleasures of Work by Alain De Botton
What I've just seen:
     Inception. Was gripped.
What I believe in:
     One life so make the most of it kids, its all you get.
What pisses me off:
     My left hook, it sucks.
What I really think of NFT:
     A good idea and one I only discovered Googling for 'counselling room W11'
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: What is the best blog you have ever read?
    A: www.caniwriteforaliving.blogspot.com
Further contact info:
     Facebook, twitter.com/leemannion and leemannion@hotmail.com
What sanctifies me:
     I'm pretty patient most of the time in a city that can really test that.

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Salad Club
There's nothing like being in on a city secret; it makes you feel like you're one step ahead of the crowd.  Thousands of people eat out in London daily but few visit a secret destination run by food enthusiasts, complete with mystery menu. Secret supper clubs are London?s latest craze.   

Lee Mannion's Radars Albert Memorial
You Can Call Me Al
6/9/2011 Landmarks, South Kensington / Gloucester Rd — It doesn't seem right that although hordes of tourists will head to the Diana Memorial Fountain over...

The Ivy
Classy Comfort
10/7/2010 Restaurants, Soho (East) — Seems somewhat against the whole idea of NFT no? To recommend The Ivy? To set out my table before...

Brompton Cemetery
The Walking Dead
6/10/2010 Landmarks, West Brompton / Fulham Broadway / Earls Court — It's not unusual for a sense of guilt to settle on a person when walking through a cemetery. But why...

Masters Diner
Old-School Burger Time
4/1/2010 Restaurants, Trafalgar Square / The Strand — Sieving the city for it's best burger is an unending quest. A new joint is always springing up prom...

James Smith & Sons
Gentleman's Club
3/10/2010 Shopping, Bloomsbury (West) — What must if have felt like to be a gentleman? To stroll in London's streets while horse drawn carr...

Submitted Listings

Brompton Cemetery Dead calm.
Casanova's Treats Come get seduced by this tasty Casanova.
Gray's Inn Field Holborn Hideaway.
Kennedy's First rate fish n chips.
Louise Blouin Foundation Way out art way out west.