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     Eat. Love. Pray.
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     My lover.
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     Stupid, wasteful people.
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     Q: What shall I do with the rest of my life.
    A: Who knows.
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Golden Monkey Acupuncture 4/29/2009
"I was skeptical with my first exposure to "Eastern Medicine"-silly me. Joey is knowledgeable and kind. My western doctor would only tell me that all women experience peri-menopause differently. Joey took time to listen and address the pain and the stress, treating me with acupuncture, heat therapy and herbs. I feel like me again-healthy as that proverbial ox."
Ashkenaz 4/17/2009
Excellent music.
Le Colonial 4/17/2009
Love the food. Love the music. Love the staff. Love the atmosphere. (Hate the cigar smoke.)
Dark Garden 4/17/2009
I own two Dark Garden corsets. The first I bought on impulse and my second one is custom. And I want more. They make me feel beautiful. They make everyone feel beautiful. Many of my friends—women and men—own Dark Garden and wear them out at cabarets, or for burlesque or steampunk craziness or even for their weddings. It’s kind of like a tribe of people who celebrate beauty and appreciate wearable works of art. And yet, just like works of art, each one is unique. Somehow Dark Garden manages to make me feel like my most beautiful self without being a slave to what’s in fashion. Wearing them with jeans, under suit jackets or over silky skirts, their versatility surprised me. And just like well-made boots—these corsets are shockingly comfortable! No, really, go try one on. Then there’s the store: Dark Garden sells just gorgeous clothes and jewelry and hats. And everyone at the store is so nice and helpful. I always pop in when in the Hayes Valley neighborhood and if I have a friend with me, they’ll do a fitting right on the spot. I guess the other thing that I appreciate about the store is that the workshop is right there too. It’s all San Francisco people doing all the work, making a living right here. I like knowing the money I am spending is supporting my local economy. (I copied the photos from their site.)

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San Francisco
Golden Monkey Acupuncture Internal medicine, pain, injuries, women's health & psychological disorders.