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Dutch Bike Co. 4/20/2009
What a wonderful and different kind of bike shop! This little boutique sized shop specializes in all steal, classic looking, Dutch bicycles and cargo bicycles. Very rarely do I go into a bike shop and want almost every bicycle in the store. Not only are these bikes simply beautiful, but they're built like tanks and yet totally fun to ride. Sure they're heavier than your standard American bike, so if you're looking for a bike you can carry up 4 flights of stairs every day, maybe this isn't the bike shop for you. But if you're looking for a bike that will hold up for a lifetime, can carry a full load of stuff, and gives you a totally fun "jaunty" riding position, you have to check out this shop. If I had $1500 and the room in my garage for yet another bike, this would be hands down the first shop I would go to. I've been wishing I owned one of their bikes ever since they let me take a test ride around the block. This is definitely one of the coolest bicycle shops I've ever been too. Very specialized, but very very cool!
Needles and Pens 4/1/2009
I love this store. It's one block farther up on 16th than I always think it is, so for a while there I thought they went out of business. Thank goodness they're between Dolores & Guerrero. One has a tenancy to forget there is anything up past Guerrero, but no, there is. And what great stuff it is! Needles and Pens is a great store! Full of locally made stuff from hand stamped shirts and $0 mpg stickers for your bike to books by local authors and hand made ear rings. The place is quite small but some how I spent an hour in there last time I stopped by. I even found a copy of Hobo by Eddy Joe Cotton, when I couldn't find one anywhere else. So if your looking for some great hip local DIY stuff, Needles and Pens should be your first stop. Great for gifts for others or yourself. You can even buy some stuff online.
Five and Diamond 4/1/2009
Sci fi wild west, Steampunk, Victorian circus, Leather hobo, Sideshow bad ass, Brothel rock and roll, or whatever you want to call it, the designers at Five & Diamond make some of the coolest clothes around. Despite being a broke actor I've managed to purchase more than my fair share of stuff from these guys. And while Wild Card still seems to be my favorite line, all the designers do really amazing work. I'm really glad they finally have their own store. It was fun buying their stuff at Yard Dog Road Show concerts or a their workshop in Berkeley or at Anubis Warpus on Haight Street, but to have a real store with all their own stuff in it is like heaven. I wish I had become one of those internet millionaires in the 90's before I got into theater, cuz at $600 a jacket most things in the store are just beyond my means. That doesn't keep me from WANTING to buy everything they make and changing my style completely to Wild-west-steampunk-victorian-circus-leather-hobo- sideshow-bad-ass-brothel-rock-and-roller! A boy can dream can't he.
Un-Scripted Theater Company 4/1/2009
I've performed with a lot of improv theater companies over the years, and this one is my favorite by far. The Un-Scripted Theater Company truly pushes the envelope of professional, high quality theater that also just happens to be improvised and comedic. It's never that standard improv-games show you'd see at your local bar, it's stuff like a full length 2-hour fully improvised musical, or an improvised play done in the style of Shakespeare. Yes, Un-Scripted does shortform, improv-game shows too, but the performance quality is such that it doesn't really compare to a lot of other throw away shortform improv shows out there. Combine that with a 50 seat theater where everyone gets a good view, $2 beers, and free popcorn, and you have a night out that I would happily pay $20 for. As one friend who came to one of my shows recently said, "I wish all my friends shows were this good. I always go and support shows that my friends are in, but your show was actually one that I would want to see even if I didn't know anyone in the cast." I guess there's a reason the Un-Scripted Theater Company won "Best Theater Company 2008" in the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

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