Emily Groves

EMILY Groves has worked as a respirator fit-tester, a freelance medical screenwriter, a Scottish dance instructor, an English teacher in a tiny German town, and at the present moment, as a social policy nerd, dreaming up ways of making the world a better place. Her more current interests include designing silly costumes, identifying vegetables she has never heard of, trekking in the woods off-season, and building creative bird houses.

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Something related to Agent-Based Computational Modeling
What I'm listening to:
     The Avett Brothers
What I'm reading:
     Too many newspapers and not enough books
What I believe in:
     Random acts of kindness
What pisses me off:
     Bathroom stall conversations
What I really think of NFT:
     It may be called "NOT for Tourists," but in all honesty, sometimes I still feel a bit like a tourist when reading it on the Metro

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Hikes within a Spit's Distance
Come take a hike with NFT resident trekking expert Emily Groves. From underutilized Rock Creek Park to the garbage-strewn Potomac Heritage trail to the many, many, many green places within an hour's drive from  DC, get off you butt and get outside!

Presidential Accessories
Are you ready for some change you can dress yourself in? Here in Warshinton, straight-shootin' wearables and variegated hope-filled trappings can be yours for the promulgating. From Swarovski crystal presidential pins to the head of Sarah Palin, wear your political accessories with pride! Or don't call yourself an American.

Where Not To Make-Out In D.C.
You know you don't want to. No, seriously, stop. You think we haven't seen you making hay all over the district, entwining your limbs and sucking your face and frankly, we're bored and confused and afraid. Love is for wusses and carnality is for carnivores and this is not Boca Raton, this is the United States of America. The only place for you to make out is jail.

Emily's Radars Pi
Upscale Pizza with Free Entertainment
7/14/2009 Restaurants, Waterfront — I was unsure of what to make of Pi upon entry. It looked modern, stark, and quite expensive, especi...

The Italian Store
Italians Do It Better
7/9/2009 , — The Italian Store is a store that sells Italian food (apparent, given its name). But what may not b...

New Radar
3/3/2009 , Dupont Circle / Adams Morgan — A bit off the beaten track, but a favored Dupont establishment since...er...1987, Skewers is the pl...

Crystal Thai
Pad-See-Ew and Happy B-Day Too
2/25/2009 Restaurants, Columbia Pike — Tucked away in a shopping center off Route 50 in Virginia lies some of the best Thai food in the a...

Darlington House
New House on the Block
2/19/2009 Restaurants, Dupont Circle / Adams Morgan — The new kid in town is trying very hard to not only fit in with its Dupont Circle neighbors, but...

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Washington DC
Pi Upscale pizza...hmmmm?