Emerson Dameron

EMERSON Dameron: Writer. Comedian. Entertainer. Ordained minister. Gentleman of the old school. Risk-taker. Enthusiastic collaborator. Holler: emersondameron.com.

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Writer, Comedian, Mac monkey
What I'm listening to:
     Purple Rain
What I'm reading:
     The Vatican to Vegas: A History of Special Effects
What I've just seen:
     Exit Through the Gift Shop
What pisses me off:
     Jerks, flakes, joykillers
What I really think of NFT:
     I like it.
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: Can I get a "hell yeah"?
    A: Hell, yeah.
What sanctifies me:
     Courage, passion, mini-golf

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In Defense of the San Fernando Valley
"If you grew up in the San Fernando Valley, you watched a little piece of the American dream die like a squished roach." Follow intrepid NFT scribe Emerson Dameron as he lays out a complex argument on why we should all give the SFV another chance.

Emerson's Reviews & Comments
Crazy Gideon's 2/4/2011
Ranting in the Choir Invisible. RIP.
Don's Music 2/4/2011
No longer with us. RIP.
The Palms Bar 1/28/2011
Four Haiku About One Dive Dark and friendly spot Famed as a lesbian dive Welcomes all outcasts Oasis of grime Weak drinks made with love and Tang Mad cheap for WeHo Celebs may show up Stay alert; zero points for Portia de Rossi Sunday night stand-up Joke about leaving seat up Leads to quick sit-down
The Scene 3/9/2010
Pizza As It Should Be 3/6/2010
The Chicago pizza is ONLY available by the pie. The Noo Yawk pizza is available by the slice OR the pie. Don't get it twisted.

Emerson's Radars 2nd Street Cigar Lounge & Gallery
Stogies & Art
7/6/2011 Art Galleries, Downtown — Downtown Los Angeles is where weirdo Angelenos take refuge from LA stereotypes. Should you grow wear...

The 12 Step Store
Colorful One-Of-A-Kindness
6/28/2011 Shopping, West Hollywood — Cold beer pours into a frosty pint glass. A sweaty group of dancing friends hoist their bottles, enj...

Uncle Bill's Pancake House
Breakfast at the Beach
3/7/2011 Restaurants, El Segundo / Manhattan Beach — I love breakfast. I love eggs, coffee, and carbohydrates. I love it for lunch, for dinner, for desse...

Black Boar
The Gruff Charm of the Neighborhood Tap
2/28/2011 Nightlife, Eagle Rock / Highland Park — I've spent many hours in the dark confines of the Black Boar, knocking back the happy-hour special (...

Santa Monica Pier
200,000 Strong & Glowing
10/8/2010 Landmarks, Santa Monica — Near the ends of the last few summers, the touristy area around Santa Monica Pier has transformed, f...

Submitted Listings

Los Angeles
26 Beach Noted for sushi hamburgers.
2nd Street Cigar Lounge & Gallery "Relax with art and cigars."
Adamson House Famous for its handpainted tiles.
Aero Theatre Classic and under-appreciated films on the big screen.
Alpha Society Cryptically named Burbank funeral-service provider.