John Parton

PUBLISHING hot-shot, I look forward to having my own business card.

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Iceroad Trucker
What I'm listening to:
     "Okay, Mac, you heard the lady"
What I'm reading:
     The newspaper
What I've just seen:
     Some Trace of Her
What pisses me off:
     That the iPhone is only on o2
What I really think of NFT:
     Why don't the fun jobs pay more?
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: Sherry?
    A: Sherry
What sanctifies me:
     Radio 4

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Jeremy Paxman Is Wrong
Don't let John Parton's swaggering discursiveness fool you. He may not leave his house til nightfall, nor form an explicitly user-friendly sentence, but he sure knows his way around the city he loves. Read on for the poetical journey of one man's jaunt among famous gravestones, "Georgian money shots," the siren calls of sari-hawkers and adulatory attention of miscreants.

John's Radars Sir Richard Steele
Bawl With Joy
12/3/2008 Nightlife, Primrose Hill — Excuse the fuzzy, slightly amateur nature of the accompanying photograph--I am an amateur. But this...

The Star
Well Done
11/11/2008 Nightlife, Tufnell Park — Remember when gastropubs first started appearing? When darkened local holes smelling of piss and vin...

Monmouth Coffee Company
A Bean You Can Believe In
10/30/2008 Coffee, Covent Garden — So it's pretty simple really: Monmouth's coffee is delicious, fantastically so. The company has been...

Petticoat Lane Market
No Money, No Problems
10/9/2008 Shopping, Tower Hill / Aldgate — Whilst recently wondering if I could afford to fork-out an absurd amount of money on a number of new...

Serpentine Gallery
American Attempts
9/26/2008 Art Galleries, — Ok, it's Frank Gehry's first attempt at a UK building, but he's already in hot territory. The Serpen...

Submitted Listings

Alfie's Antiques Market Kitsch oddball sanctuary for vintage treats.
Austin Kaye Vintage watches. Don't expect e-bay prices.
Balfron Tower Goldfinger's other crazed council tower.
Banqueting House Unsullied Renaissance cum-shot. Still does private parties.
Banqueting House Lavish, extravagent and oh so British.