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Thrift Store Chic Amongst the Fleece
You're poor AND stylish? Then this article is for you. Join Sarah Sluis as she travels around Puget Sound to find the very best thrift stores where you can score everything from polka dotted shoes to vintage jeans by the mile.    

The Drive-Thru Espresso Stand
What's a drive-thru box in an abandoned lot without a hot girl in it? Welcome to Seattle, where sexy ladies of the "suburban strip mall" persuasion inveigle you with their womanly ways and awe you with their homemade espresso. For indeed, in this town, a lissome femme and a fine cup of joe are the only stimulants you'll EVER NEED! Sarah Sluis reports.

Sarah's Radars Woodland Park
Blackberry Picking
8/1/2008 Tennis Courts, Fremont — Have you heard of dumpster diving? Reclaimed food? Well, blackberry picking is almost the same thing...

Diamond Knot Brewery
Used to Be a Bus Garage
2/27/2008 Nightlife, All Central Seattle Neighborhoods — As a young city, Seattle does not yet have the place-snobbery that pervades the older and more entre...

Fremont Sunday Street Market
Hello, Lenin!
2/20/2008 Shopping, Fremont — If it’s possible for a neighborhood to have a sense of humor, that neighborhood would be Fremont. Lo...

The Underground Tour
Subterranean Seattle
2/11/2008 , Pioneer Square / SoDo — You know how your relatives come to town and you get roped into doing lame things with them? The Und...

Nordstrom eBar
Virtual Coffee
2/4/2008 Coffee, Downtown — In a city saturated with coffee-drinking options, Nordstrom’s eBar doesn’t seem like it would have m...