Rin-rin Yu

FORMER NFT-Los Angeles City Editor Rin-rin Yu has made her way back to the East Coast and now writes for NFT-Washington, D.C. While she misses the warm weather and beachy options, she's equally amused by the people who watch C-SPAN recreationally.

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Weddings = Loving & Spending
No better time to spend money than when you're plighting a constant troth.

Culver City
Lotta people talk a lotta shit 'bout Culver City, but those people are just too honest. Rin-rin Yu has seen the face of the new CC and she has found it splendid. So buckle down, settle in and prepare yourself to be slapped across the face as you witness the power of one forfeited city's implausible revitalization.


Wino Bars in LA
Wine: it's always there when you need a friend. A grape on which you can depend. A glass of wine is mighty fine. A drinker needn't toe the line. W-I-N-E: Wine ain't got no enemies. It's tasty. Yeah, yeah, it's tasty.

The New Yorker's Guide to Los Angeles
What's a native New Yorker without his bagel and a shmear, long, dejected strolls, Trotskyitic Van Dyke, rumpled copy of the New York Times and incoherent ramblings? He may come to the City of Angels and become a supple, lissome blonde but the old, Eastern gloominess remains. Thankfully, Rin-rin Yu has located some pizza and bagel shops.

Rin-rin's Radars Hats in the Belfry
Fit for a Head
1/22/2009 Shopping, Baltimore — Now here's a happy little spot in charming Fells Point to wander into on a Sunday afternoon. In an...

Political Americana
The Faces of a Nation
1/14/2009 Shopping, National Mall — Just admit it: you've always been intrigued by this ultra-touristy shop on your way to the Mall, bu...

Proud To Be American
1/13/2009 Restaurants, Logan Circle / U Street — Situated across from Whole Foods, this neighborhood bar/eatery may be the most environmentally-frie...

Thai Tanic
Unsinkable Rice-Based Dishes
1/9/2009 Restaurants, Logan Circle / U Street — There's always a crowd around Thai Tanic on the single sketchy block on 14th Street, a sign that...

Dress Your Mussels in Butter
1/5/2009 Restaurants, Baltimore — The lettering on the outside makes it easy to order: "Eat Bertha's Mussels," it reads. And there's...

Submitted Listings

Washington DC
A Bar + Kitchen Chic scene-y hotel lounge in Georgetown with small plates and outdoor seating.
Anacostia Green Line
Apple Seed Maternity and Baby Boutique Why buy $50 pregnancy pants when you can spend $200?
Archives - Navy Memorial Green Line,Yellow Line
Ardeo + Bardeo Ardeo's chi-chi wine bar, where well-heeled yuppies tote glasses of chardonnay.