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2013 Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl 6/5/2013
If you like supporting a good cause and stuffing your face with ice cream, the 31st annual Jimmy Fun Scooper Bowl is the place for you. For 3 days a year, the revered Boston cancer research charity takes over City Hall Plaza and, with some help from some of the region's best ice cream makers, holds one of the biggest food festivals in the city. So here's how it works: you pay $10 to gain entry to the festival and from there on you're free to get a scoop of whatever ice cream you want. Friendly's, Ben and Jerry's, Turkey Hill, and many other companies have booths with some of their best flavors to try. There's no limit on how much you can eat or how long you can stay. The best part of this festival is that every dime that you spend on your ice cream is going towards a great cause, and the weather is looking great for the next few days so make sure you head down after work. The Scooper Bowl runs from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. through June 6th. For more info, go to
Five Guys 5/26/2013
Have you ever been out in the city, desperate for some good eats, but have no idea what the trendy, or legendary spots are? If that's your Sunday, than national burger chain Five Guys is the best spot for you. Your burger is never frozen, it is only cooked after you order it, and toppings include everything from grilled onions to A-1. The double stacked Bacon Cheeseburger is orgasmic, as are the cajun fries. Everything in this fast rising chain is of the utmost quality, so much so that you forget that you're eating "fast" food about two bites in. Five Guys just recently made it's way into Boston. There are now three restaurants nearby. Franchises costing two million dollars each have been established on Summer Street, Huntington Avenue, and Braintree. While everyone wants to go to that one secret spot that's been frequented by locals since 1746, there's something to be said about knowing where a great chain is and keeping it in your back pocket just in case. Five Guys is the best burger chain around, and now that it's in Boston, we can finally get in on the action.

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Five Guys Comes To Boston
5/26/2013 Restaurants, — Have you ever been out in the city, desperate for some good eats, but have no idea what the trendy,...

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